Our urologic specialists offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment services for men and women experiencing common and complex urologic problems. We offer advanced urology care for incontinence, kidney stones and other concerns, using the latest therapies and surgery techniques.

If repeated bathroom trips or other urologic problems are affecting your life, we can help. Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) provides top-notch urology care, at multiple LVHN locations.

Get access to the latest and least invasive urologic treatments available today – and then get back to living your life without interruptions. We’ll help you get there.

Take control of your urologic health at LVHN

When you choose LVHN for urology care, you can expect:

Streamlined care

Our practice locations are developed as “centers of excellence.” This means our urologists have the opportunity to focus on comprehensive treatment of a specific urological condition. A urologist, physician’s assistant (PA) and assisting nurse consider all treatment options and design a plan to efficiently and effectively care for your condition.

Centers of Excellence:

Team approach

You may see a urologist or a physician assistant (PA-C) at your appointment. Each of our specialists has a high degree of training. They talk to one another, sharing their expertise for the benefit of your care. Together, they make sure you get the tests and treatments you need, precisely when you need them.

Leading therapies

We offer you the most effective urologic treatments available today. Certain types of urologic cancers, benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate) and pelvic floor disorders are just a few of the conditions we treat with sophisticated robotics technology, which offers exceptional results without a lengthy recovery.


Visit us at a location that’s near your home or work. We deliver outstanding urology care that's tailored to your needs – at multiple locations throughout the region.