Robotic Surgery

Welcome to the largest, most advanced robotic surgery program in the region. We’ve completed over 14,000 surgeries in the past decade, using ten robotic surgery systems across all Lehigh Valley Heath Network campuses. Our 30+ highly skilled surgeons use this technology to treat cancer and other conditions with precision.

At Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN), robotics is more than a buzzword – it’s better medicine. Our dedicated robotics care teams use sophisticated computer-enhanced technology to treat a wide range of conditions, from complex cancers to routine hernias. Choosing the largest program in the region – including the region’s only single port robotic surgery system – means you have access to robotics’ many care benefits at multiple locations across our network.

How you benefit from robotics surgery

Robotics technology offers many benefits, including:

Increased surgical precision

Our 30+ surgeons across 11 specialties surgeons are experts in their fields. Robotics technology amplifies their skill, leading to even better results.

Reduced risks

People undergoing robotic surgery experience a lower risk for infection and other complications.

Less downtime

Robotics technology allows doctors to use super tiny incisions. This less-invasive approach often means you have a shorter hospital stay and can get back to your normal way of life sooner after surgery. In July 2017, LVHN became the first in the region to use the Intuitive Surgical Inc., da Vinci Xi® Surgical System, a technological leap forward in replacing large-incision abdominal surgeries (open surgery) with a minimally invasive approach. And now, with the region’s only single port robotic surgery system, you can emerge from surgery with one single incision.

Patient satisfaction

Smaller incisions during surgery lead to less noticeable scars. Our doctors can sometimes use robotics technology to effectively treat certain gynecological conditions while preserving fertility, too. 

Access to leading-edge technology

Lehigh Valley Health Network is one of just 15 sites in the world to acquire the da Vinci SP® (single port) robotic surgery system.

Our robotics surgery services

Your doctor will recommend a treatment approach that’s best for your circumstances. Our surgeons use advanced robotic technology to treat a wide range of conditions, including:

Why robotic surgery?

Robots gives our surgeons the ability to perform complex and delicate surgery. The scarring can be minimal, and many patients have less pain after surgery and return back to work within weeks. All of these benefits may lead to a faster recovery with an improved overall patient experience. Robotic surgery usually involves three to five small incisions, while our single port robotic surgery system involves just one.

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