Second Opinion Service for Cancer

A second opinion from Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute helps you get the cancer treatment that’s right for you – right from the start. Our team of experts works together to accurately diagnose the cancer and recommend care options that offer the best chances for good results.

Cancer is a complex disease with many care options. As you consider your next steps, experts at the Cancer Institute are here to help you understand your condition and care recommendations.

Our second opinion service connects you with doctors who specialize in personalized cancer treatment. We answer your questions, make care recommendations and help you gain peace of mind.

Second opinions at Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute

The Cancer Institute offers a level of expertise that is not widely available. We successfully treat cancers that were previously considered untreatable. And we stay up-to-date on the latest cancer care research so you can feel confident you are receiving the best treatments for your unique needs.

You can come to us for a second opinion at any point in your cancer care journey – even if you plan on receiving treatment somewhere else. Highlights of our program include:

Team approach

When you come to us for a second opinion, you see multiple cancer specialists in one visit. Many people see a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist and cancer surgeon. These doctors work together to develop personalized cancer treatment recommendations. We also explain how these treatments can help you. Find out more about our multidisciplinary cancer clinics.

World-class care

We hold ourselves to the same standards as the world’s leading cancer centers. Our cancer experts meet on a regular basis to make sure our recommendations reflect the latest cancer research. Find out more about our cancer disease management teams.

Access to additional experts

We discuss rare and complex cancers with experts from Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Cancer Alliance – one of the nation’s top programs. Read more about our membership in the MSK Cancer Alliance.

Second opinions for cancer: What to expect

Second opinions provide valuable information that helps you make good decisions about cancer treatments. When you come to us for a second opinion, we review your medical information and perform a physical examination.

We use this information to provide you with a second opinion, which may include:

  • Confirming a cancer diagnosis
  • Explaining how serious the cancer is based on its size and whether it has spread to other parts of the body
  • Discussing the cancer treatments that are best for your unique needs
  • Determining your eligibility for cancer research and clinical trials

Paying for a second opinion

Insurance often covers second opinions for cancer. Calling your insurance provider can help you find out more about your benefits.

If you need help paying for these services, our financial coordinators are available to discuss your options. Learn more about cancer financial coordination services.