Cancer Treatments

Cancer treatment at Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute includes the latest options tailored to meet your needs. You have access to newly approved chemotherapy drugs, sophisticated radiation therapy technologies and robotic surgery. We also offer innovative treatments through clinical trials.

At the Cancer Institute, we deliver exceptional care including a broad range of cancer treatments. Our breadth of offerings is one reason we care for more new patients every year than any other local cancer center.

When new treatments and technologies become available, we are often among the first cancer centers in the region offering them. Membership in renowned cancer networks such as the Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Cancer Alliance and prestigious clinical trial networks give you access to leading-edge care.

Personalized care and support from Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute

Each person’s cancer care journey is unique, which is why we take extra steps to personalize your care and provide additional support.

Nurse navigators: We offer one-on-one support from specially trained cancer nurses. Navigators arrange appointments and lend a caring ear when you have concerns. Read more about nurse navigators.

Support services: You have access to many services, including cancer nutritionists, social workers, integrative care, support groups and financial coordination. Learn more about cancer support services.

Tumor boards: Teams of cancer experts come together regularly to plan every step of your cancer treatment. Find out more about tumor boards.

Cancer treatments at Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute

As one of the largest cancer programs in the region, we offer more of the services you need in one program. Our offerings include:

Advanced cancer surgery

Finding accomplished surgeons for advanced cancer care is critical. Our surgeons are among the best and refine techniques that help save lives, including the Whipple procedure, a surgery for pancreatic cancer. Our surgeon’s approach for Whipple results in reduced operative time and blood loss, leading to lower complications and shorter hospital stays.

Robotic surgery

We treat many people using robotic surgery. Robotic surgical instruments offer greater precision than a human hand. Our experience performing more than 13,500 procedures gives you the best chances for good results. Read more about robotic surgery.

Radiation therapy

When new methods and technologies are available in radiation therapy, we are often the first in the region offering them, including:

  • The Varian Edge™ radiosurgery system
  • The Gamma Knife® Icon™ radiosurgery system
  • SpaceOAR® Hydrogel for men with prostate cancer
  • Calypso® 4D localization. Calypso behaves like GPS to pinpoint radiation beam accuracy during treatment, accounting for internal movement like breathing and digestion.

Cancer drugs (chemotherapy and immunotherapy

Many of our locations have been continuously certified by the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s QOPI® program since 2011. This distinction means you can count on us for safe, effective chemotherapy.

Leading-edge cancer treatments

Our active participation in clinical trials gives you access to promising new treatment options before they’re widely available. As a member of the MSK Cancer Alliance, you have access to national clinical trials that are typically only available in large cities. Read more about our membership in the MSK Cancer Alliance.  

Partnerships with the MSK Cancer Alliance and other top research programs mean you have access to hundreds of clinical trials, including options through the Cancer Moonshot℠ program, a key initiative of the National Cancer Institute. These trials include:

Targeted therapy

We are one of two cancer centers in Pennsylvania participating in TAPUR (Targeted Agent and Profiling Utilization Registry), a national study that’s helping advance cancer care through targeted therapies. This innovative treatment includes cancer drugs that disrupt molecules within cancer cells, so they stop growing. Learn more about targeted therapy.

Cancer finality bell

Your final day of cancer treatment marks a significant milestone in your life. On this day, you transition from cancer patient to cancer survivor. To mark this special occasion, you are welcome to ring our finality bell. Ringing the bell celebrates your future while giving hope to other patients.

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Get a Second Opinion

We take the guesswork out of cancer care with our second opinion service. You receive personalized recommendations from our team of cancer experts in a single visit.

Second Opinion Service for Cancer

Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Cancer Alliance Member

Our membership in the MSK Cancer Alliance brings you world-class care close to home. We work alongside renowned experts to deliver the latest advances in cancer care.

Membership in the MSK Cancer Alliance