Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy is one of the many innovative cancer treatments available at Lehigh Valley Cancer Institute. Targeted therapies are drugs that interfere with cancer cells at the molecular level. We offer clinical trials, giving you access to options that are not widely available.

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Targeted therapy is different from traditional cancer drugs (chemotherapy). Targeted therapies interact directly with the cell changes, also known as mutations, responsible for the cancer.

We have years of experience identifying the best targets for the treatment of your tumor, and with targeted therapy, you can also expect fewer side effects.

Targeted therapy at Lehigh Valley Cancer Institute

We work alongside experts from the Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Cancer Alliance to incorporate targeted therapy research findings into daily practice. These efforts help you receive safe, effective care while taking newly approved targeted therapies.

Through clinical trials, we are uncovering the next generation of targeted therapy drugs. Our efforts give you access to national clinical trials close to home. For example, we are one of three cancer centers in Pennsylvania participating in the prestigious TAPUR clinical trial. Learn more about cancer research and clinical trials.

How targeted therapies work

Targeted therapies are drugs that interfere with molecules within cancer cells. The drugs prevent the cancer from growing or spreading to other areas of the body.

This approach often means fewer side effects compared to chemotherapy. With chemotherapy, drugs interact with all rapidly dividing cells, including some healthy cells, which can leave you feeling weak and nauseous.

How we determine if targeted therapy is right for you

The best way to determine whether targeted therapy is right for you is through genetic testing. We examine a sample of your cells to find out which mutations are responsible for the cancer. Learn more about genetic testing for cancer.

We know from research that certain mutations respond to targeted therapy drugs. If one of these mutations is present in your cells, we recommend the targeted therapy drug that is most effective in treating it.

Targeted therapies are available for many types of cancer, including:

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