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Celebrating Mom: Our Families Work to Care for Your Families

In honor of Mother’s Day, Lehigh Valley Hospital–Dickson City is celebrating moms who work together with their children

Christina Cassidy is an anesthesia tech at Lehigh Valley Hospital–Dickson City. Her daughter, Julie Krupka, works in the post-anesthesia care unit. Both believe working together has created a special camaraderie between them.

Q: What is it like being able to work together at Lehigh Valley Hospital–Dickson City?

Christina Cassidy (CC): It’s the best of both worlds. Julie just recently moved out, yet I still get to see her every day. Most parents don’t get that opportunity. Once kids move out, they move on with their lives.

Julie Krupka (JK): I don't think a lot of people get the opportunity to work with their mother or daughter. Mom mom got into this field because her mother worked as a scrub nurse for 50 years. Then I got into it because health care was in my blood and this is where I landed.

CC: We do have a great bond. I’ll say that is unusual because most mothers and daughters have friction and don’t become friends until they are in their 30s. Fortunately enough she is 24, so I am very fortunate.

JK: I can go over to her house and talk about my day and I don’t have to go into detail about things or have to explain. I could just start talking about something and she instantly knows what I am talking about.

Lehigh Valley Health Network wishes all our moms a very Happy Mother’s Day.🌷

Dale Casper is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Her daughter, Aimee Camide-Shigo, works in registration. Health care careers run in the family, so it was no surprise to Dale when Aimee ended up in the field.

Q: What did you think when your daughter told you she would be joining you in the health care field at LVH-Dickson City?

Dale Casper (DC): I was happy. I am a nurse, an LPN. I am proud of that. I am grateful that Aimee made her own decisions. She is just phenomenal. She excels in everything she does – from cooking to motherhood and even taking care of me.

Aimee Camide-Shigo (ACS): Health care has been in our family so for me to wind up back in a hospital again after I had my boys, it just, it was a perfect fit. LVHN is just a perfect fit for both of us. So, we are lucky.

DC: It’s great. It’s wonderful to see how Aimee advanced in her career and everything. It’s just great.

ACS: It’s a unique opportunity to be able to do this. Once you get older you don’t get to be at home with your parents and to be able to come to work, it’s nice to see her. It’s nice to see that reassuring face, even at work.


Marlena Coleman is a medical assistant. Her daughter, Gabriella Coleman, is an operating room technician. While they don’t work side-by-side, they believe it’s a unique and rewarding experience to be able to work together under the same roof.

Q: What are some perks of working together at LVH–Dickson City?

Marlena Coleman (MC): I love it. I love it. Gabriella brings me lunch every now and again. Sometimes I bring her lunch.

Gabriella Coleman (GC): Even if we don’t see each other all day, I can still run over and see her. Even at 25, I still need my mom.

MC: I love it. I would love to get my other daughter in here. But I think all three of us might be a little scary. All three of us together. That might be a little much for everyone. But I think it’s fantastic.

GC: People say we have a different relationship, and I am lucky. She’s my best friend.

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