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Comprehensive Executive Health Program Detects Prostate Cancer

Eric Lebby, MD, is latest to benefit from in-depth care provided by Executive Health Program

Eric Lebby, MD, Chief, Orthopedic Surgery, Lehigh Valley Orthopedic Institute, LVHN, is just like you. Pressed for time and wanting to take control of his health, Dr. Lebby sought a program designed to address both.

He found the answer with Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN)’s Executive Health Program. That’s because it provides anyone with a challenging schedule a comprehensive, personalized, head-to-toe assessment of screenings and tests all in one day without sacrificing quality.

“I must admit as a physician I don’t always take the greatest care of myself, as we are always focused on taking care of others,” Dr. Lebby says. “I hadn’t seen a primary care physician for 10 to 12 years and that was the impetus to say, ‘it’s time to do this.’”

As it turns out, the decision to get a thorough check-up was critical.

A full medical itinerary

On the day of his tests Dr. Lebby was greeted by the program navigator and escorted to the suite at the Health Center at Palmer Township, located at 3701 Corriere Road in Easton. He was introduced to the primary care clinician to review the day’s itinerary and then a medical assistant took his vital signs and escorted him to the diagnostic suite for a series of imaging studies. Then it was time for a light breakfast, which he enjoyed in his private suite.

“Then I was off for more tests,” Dr. Lebby says. “I had a thorough cardiac exam, I had several ultrasound exams, a DEXA scan which looks for osteoporosis, I had a CT scan on my chest to look at something called a calcium score. They asked me to do an echocardiogram stress test. It was all very thorough.”

The primary care clinician also conducted a medical history review, physical exam, vaccination review and skin cancer screening. Dr. Lebby also met with a board-certified health and wellness coach, followed by a consultation with a registered dietitian. His day concluded with an in-depth review of all test results with physician Stacey Smith, MD, with Lehigh Valley Physician Group Internal Medicine, who placed them in a binder for him to take home.

“He is a fantastic physician,” Dr. Lebby says. “He really took a lot of time with me.”

Comprehensive follow-through

While Dr. Lebby’s day was over, LVHN’s Executive Health Program’s strategy to help him improve his health and life quality was just beginning. That’s because the program includes one year of unlimited health coaching sessions facilitated by a national board-certified health and wellness coach, who can create a customized plan based on a client’s health goals.

“Dr. Smith went over what I had to do for the next year and what things I have to stay up on,” Dr. Lebby says. “This really encouraged me to get a primary care physician.”

In addition, all clients receive one-year post-assessment of follow-up care navigation. LVHN Executive Health Program care navigators assist with scheduling any diagnostic testing, primary care follow-up and appointments with specialists.

Key finding: possible cancer

For many Executive Health Program clients, this is where the story ends. But this is not where Dr. Lebby’s story ends.

His prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test revealed an elevated number.

“At first, we thought it might be an infection and he put me on antibiotics,” Dr. Lebby says. “But the PSA didn’t go down. So, I went to a urologist. I ended up with an MRI of the prostate. Then I ended up with a biopsy of the prostate.”

The biopsy revealed Eric Lebby had prostate cancer.

On March 1, 2023, Dr. Lebby had a robotic radical prostatectomy. One month after the procedure, he reflected on the episode.

“I feel great,” he says. “If it wasn’t for this Executive Health Program, I might not have seen a doctor for another five years. Then, five years later, it might have been a much different ending.”

Grateful for care

He is grateful to Dr. Smith and urologist Angelo Baccala, MD, Chief, Division of Urology, and Deputy Physician in Chief, Program Development/Innovation, with Lehigh Valley Institute for Surgical Excellence, LVHN, and each staff member for their superior expertise, acumen and most important – care.

If you think this ordeal did not impact Dr. Lebby, think again.

“I essentially owe them my life,” he says. “Who knows what would have happened if I didn’t decide to do this Executive Health Program?”

Take it from someone who knows – LVHN’s Executive Health Program is for anyone and everyone.

“I can’t emphasize enough the importance of this program,” Dr. Lebby says. “We all have the idea that ‘I’m going to do this and everything is going to be fine.’ That’s what you hope. But there’s always that time when it’s not OK.”

More about LVHN’s Executive Health Program

Dr. Lebby’s experience with the Executive Health Program was typical, yet unique. His appointment, like every Executive Health Program appointment, took place in a private health care suite in the Health Center at Palmer Township, located at 3701 Corriere Road in Easton. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, comfortable seating, and has a beverage and snack center.

Learn about customization

Each appointment is customized to every individual. For example, if the clinician determines there is a need for additional testing based on medical history, or results from diagnostic tests that can be provided on the day of service, it will be performed.

The program is staffed by a dedicated team of highly experienced and skilled board-certified clinicians. Clinicians are hand-selected in cardiology and internal medicine to provide the best clinical fit and patient experience. These include the chief of internal medicine, specially trained diagnostic technicians, and hand-selected obstetricians-gynecologists and cardiologists specifically trained in women’s health for female clients.

Want to participate? Call the program manager at 484-225-9911 or request an appointment online.

LVHN Executive Health program

LVHN Executive Health Program

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