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어서 오세요! Global Insights From Korean Student Nurses’ Visit to LVHN

LVHN was proud to welcome 32 Korean students to four of our hospital campuses.

How does a student travel nearly 7,000 miles and end up witnessing a baby being born in Hazleton, Pa.? It’s all part of our collaboration with Marywood University and our commitment to educating the next generation of health care professionals.

Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) recently partnered with Marywood University to welcome 32 student nurses from Korea for a transformative educational experience. From Jan. 26-29, these aspiring health care professionals engaged in a rich observational experience across various LVHN sites, forging cross-cultural connections and broadening their perspectives.

The students, divided into four groups of eight, embarked on a three-day observational journey at Lehigh Valley Hospital (LVH)–Dickson City, LVH–Hazleton, LVH–Pocono and LVH–Schuylkill. This immersive experience not only allowed them to shadow LVHN bedside registered nurses (RNs) but also provided unique opportunities for hands-on learning. Two students even witnessed a well-timed delivery in LVH–Hazleton’s labor and delivery unit, while two others observed a central line placement.

Beyond the observational experiences, the students participated in a comprehensive skills day at LVHN’s Center for Healthcare Education. The day included sessions on skills development and an extensive tour of LVH–Cedar Crest. After their tour, the students experienced a delightful celebration of the upcoming Lunar New Year with traditional Korean rice cakes.

Following their journey from Gyeongbuk College of Health and the Christian College of Nursing in South Korea, the visiting students added diverse cultural perspectives to LVHN’s educational atmosphere. This dynamic exchange not only empowered the Korean students with insights into the American health care system but also allowed LVHN colleagues to share their expertise and insights, creating lasting connections.

LVHN’s commitment to global collaboration in health care education, in tandem with our academic partners at Marywood University, was exemplified throughout the visit. “We were really excited to host the Marywood University international nursing students at LVHN these past few days,” says Joseph Napolitano, PhD, Vice President of Network Operations and Nursing Liaison Services. “The students had an opportunity to see firsthand the extraordinary care provided by our front-line nurses to all those patients entrusted to us.”

In their observations, the students highlighted the personal care and attention provided to each patient. The LVHN team was also fortunate to learn from them and their experiences in their home country – different types of facilities, variations in care delivery and the presence of a national health system. Ultimately, this partnership with Marywood demonstrates LVHN’s commitment to education, improving diversity within the workforce and promoting culturally sensitive care. 

As the Korean student nurses return home, they carry newfound knowledge and cherished memories of cultural exchange and camaraderie. This international partnership, underpinned by collaboration with Dr. David Kang, Associate Provost for Global Education, and his team at Marywood University, underscores the significance of cross-cultural interactions in shaping the future of health care professionals worldwide.


Lehigh Valley Health Network is eager to offer you the opportunity to learn at one of Pennsylvania’s largest teaching hospitals.

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