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Lehigh Valley Health Network Opens the First and Only Concussion and Head Trauma Program in the Pocono Region


Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) is proud to offer the first Concussion and Head Trauma Program in the region. The program is being provided at 447 Plaza Court, Building 200, Suite B East Stroudsburg.

The Concussion and Head Trauma Program at LVHN diagnoses and treats concussions caused by sports injuries, falls, workplace injuries and auto accidents using a multidisciplinary approach. The team consists of concussion specialists as well as neuro-optometrists and physical, vision, speech and cognitive therapists.

Daniele Shollenberger, CRNP, Program Director and Practice Leader of the Concussion and Head Trauma Program at LVHN, feels the Concussion and Head Trauma Program is an important asset to the Pocono region. "Concussions are serious and need appropriate treatment. Unfortunately they are also invisible so diagnosing a concussion can be tricky. There are no specific blood tests or scans that diagnose concussions. Rather a detailed and focused evaluation performed by concussion specialists will assess for concussion."

Treatment starts with diagnosis

When it comes to properly treating concussions, Shollenberger says the patient’s initial examination is crucial to identifying a concussion and developing a treatment plan. Because the Concussion and Head Trauma Program providers perform very specific evaluations they are well equipped to diagnose concussions, even years after they occur.

Don't 'watch and wait'

Shollenberger wants people to keep in mind that while concussions are serious, they are treatable. She stresses that concussions are not a watch and wait diagnosis, but are an active rehab diagnosis. If you suffered a blow to the head and have any one or several ongoing symptoms including headaches, dizziness, imbalance, visual changes, memory changes, personality changes or sensitivity to noise, light or busy environments you should be evaluated.

According to Shollenberger, "with proper diagnosis and treatment you can begin your journey to recovery."

To make an appointment with an LVHN concussion specialist, call 484-862-3001.

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