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What It Means to Get Care at a Most Wired Hospital


Innovative care is what you deserve when it comes to your health, and at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN), we provide just that. Whether you’re scheduling an appointment or coming in for a surgery, our technologies enhance every part of your health journey.

LVHN was named a Most Wired hospital by the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME), an industry organization that assesses how effectively health care organizations apply technology to support clinicians and patients. Getting care at a Most Wired hospital means you can access helpful tools before visiting us, during your time in our offices and after you are home. Here are three key ways receiving care at a Most Wired health network helps you:

Health information at your fingertips

MyLVHN is LVHN’s secure patient portal.* You can access your health care information and care team as well as schedule video visits and in-person appointments right from your fingertips. You also can request prescription refills, pay medical bills and view test results. To sign up to access MyLVHN through a computer, visit or download the free MyLVHN app for Apple or Android. Whether you’re at home or traveling, MyLVHN makes it easy and convenient to keep track of your health (or someone you care for). It’s also the most convenient way to schedule a COVID-19 vaccination. By activating a MyLVHN account, you are preregistered for a COVID-19 vaccine and will be notified through MyLVHN when you can schedule your appointment.

Schedule all kinds of appointments

Making an appointment is quick and simple. You can schedule an in-person visit or virtual visit using MyLVHN. Not only can you schedule a well-visit appointment, you also can use MyLVHN to schedule any of more than 140 diagnostic tests or imaging studies that your doctor has ordered. You also can schedule video visits and E-Visits – both offer you access to health care right from the comfort of home.

Less time in waiting room – more meaningful time with your provider

With eCheck-In and other convenient features, you’ll spend less time in the waiting room and more meaningful time talking with your doctor. You can take care of important tasks ahead of time using eCheck-In. Your provider will send you any questionnaires that need to be filled out a few days before your appointment, securely through MyLVHN. Automatic appointment arrival is a new feature that allows you to contact the office when you are on the parking lot. You’ll receive a phone call when it’s time to go inside for your appointment.

Communicate with your care team anytime, anywhere

You can send and receive non-urgent messages from your LVHN health care provider (or your child’s or loved one’s provider). Sometimes you have a question about medication or a test result. Instead of waiting on the phone, you can securely communicate with your provider and health care team in MyLVHN. Your provider may suggest an E-Visit if your question is more complex or requires more information.

Easy access to your care in the hospital

While MyLVHN helps you be proactive with your health care before and after your appointments, MyChart Bedside keeps you engaged and informed during your hospital stay. Upon admission (mother-baby unit and medical-surgical), you’ll be offered a secure interactive tablet that features MyChart Bedside and videoconferencing applications.

“This technology is really revolutionizing the way we care for you and create our care partnership with you. MyChart Bedside helps to increase communication between you and your care team, and we hope it helps make your time spent in the hospital as productive and pleasant as possible,” says Jaclyn Stine, clinical informaticist with LVHN.

Access real-time health information

Transparency between you and your care team is essential. That’s why we make your health care information easily accessible to you through MyChart Bedside during hospitalization. You can view real-time information about your care, such as your vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, respiration rate and pulse rate). MyChart Bedside also gives you direct access to lab work results, as well as information about your provider.

Personalized to meet your needs

MyChart Bedside shows you why you’re here and the path forward for your care during hospitalization. You can view what’s on your agenda for the day and who will be taking care of you. There are information icons to click on that help you learn more about your condition and medication(s). If needed, interpreter services are available to you at your bedside.

Send non-urgent messages

MyChart Bedside is simple to use and a great way to stay connected with your care team throughout the day and evening. At the touch of a button, you can request non-urgent needs (such as change of linens, a walk, ice chips).

Stay connected with family

There are also videoconferencing applications on the tablet so you can stay in touch with loved ones while you’re with us.

Technology makes remote patient monitoring possible

For you or a loved one with a chronic condition, peace of mind is possible with our team of telehealth nurses and digital technology. LVHN’s Continuous Ambulatory Remote Engagement Services (CARES) program ensures that your condition is always being monitored. When you go home after your hospital or practice visit, your care continues.

How it works

A kit with medical equipment is provided to you if you have a chronic condition such as congestive heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Along with tools to take your vitals, a device known as a hub also is included. The hub plugs into an outlet and uses Bluetooth technology to pair with the medical equipment. After your blood pressure is read, the information feeds directly into the electronic health records system, Epic. Your health information is then monitored regularly by a nurse.

“You have a health care partner looking out for you. If a nurse sees a health concern, they escalate it to a provider,” says Michael Dougherty, clinical applications and support expert with LVHN.

This technology allows you or your loved one to be at ease, knowing that if your condition changes, your health care team is ready to respond.

COVID-19 care at home

Remote patient monitoring also is offered for some patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have COVID-like symptoms. For those enrolled in the COVID-19 CARES program, medical equipment is provided to them to monitor their blood oxygen levels and temperature.

You can record your health readings by logging into MyLVHN. Twice a day, you’ll answer questions about your symptoms. Recorded health information about your condition will be reviewed by a nurse and shared with a physician, if necessary.

Should you or a loved one with COVID-19 need to speak with a nurse, you can request a call from the LVHN CARES team.

There are 67 patients enrolled in the COVID-19 CARES program and more than 1,000 patients in the CARES program. This technology allows us to be there for you even after you’re at home.

LVHN provides a wide variety of telehealth services to help you and your family manage your health and receive the care you need in the comfort of your home. Learn more about telehealth services available to you and virtual care options at

*The MyLVHN app is powered by MyChart® licensed from Epic Systems Corporation, © 1999 – 2021.

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