The spine surgery teams at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) have deep expertise in using neurostimulation (spinal cord stimulation) to relieve chronic back pain. Many patients report significant symptom improvement and better quality of life.

Neurostimulation is an innovative treatment that uses an implanted device to bring long-term relief for chronic back pain, neck pain or occipital neuralgia.

At LVHN, we have extensive experience performing this advanced technique. We work with you to adjust the device so you experience the most pain relief possible.

Neurostimulation provides pain relief without invasive surgery. 

What to expect during neurostimulation

This procedure is not considered a surgery, though it requires a small procedure to implant the device:

  • We implant the neurostimulator (similar to a pacemaker) under your skin, typically in the buttocks.
  • The stimulator sends out electrical impulses that reach your brain before the pain signal does. 
  • Instead of pain, you may experience a tingling sensation where the pain was.

Neurostimulator trial period

Advances in neurostimulation technology allow you to test the neurostimulator before undergoing the procedure to implant it. During the trial period, you wear an external neurostimulator around your waist and decide if it is effective for you.

Spine rehab

Our rehabilitation specialists customize a therapy plan to help you improve your strength and function.

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Advanced Spine Center

If you have back pain, call our Advanced Spine Center.

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