LVHN Video Visit: Frequently Asked Questions

LVHN offers two types of video visits – ExpressCARE Video Visits for urgent, non-emergency concerns and LVHN Office Video Visits for routine care by your preferred primary care provider or specialist.

Q: What is an LVHN Video Visit?

A: A video visit is a way to talk with and see your health provider through your video-capable, internet-connected smart device (mobile phone or tablet). An LVHN video visit can take place nearly anywhere that is comfortable. It is important that this is a private space because you may need to show your provider an affected area. Your video visit is live and will not be recorded.

Q: Who is eligible for an LVHN Video Visit?

A: Anyone age 18 or older who has a minor illness or medical concern may schedule an LVHN Video Visit. We also offer pediatric video visits for children 17 and younger. You also must be within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at the time of your Video Visit due to licensing restrictions. The health care provider will not be able to complete the Video Visit if you are calling from another state or country.

Q: What if I would rather have an in-person visit with my provider?

A: You may schedule an in-person visit with your provider in the MyLVHN app by selecting "Make an Appointment" and "Schedule with a provider you have seen before." On, you can select "Visits," then "Schedule an appointment." Under "Schedule with a provider you've seen before," select your provider. 

Q: How do I schedule a video visit?

A: For an LVHN Office Video Visit, call your preferred provider or specialist to request an appointment. They can determine if a video visit or an in-person appointment is needed. If they schedule a video visit, you can use these step-by-step instructions to complete your visit.

For an ExpressCARE Video Visit, you can schedule your visit through the MyLVHN app using these step-by-step instructions.

Q: Is there a cost for a video visit?

A:  Yes. An ExpressCARE Video Visit or an LVHN Office Video Visit is billed to your insurance like an in-person office visit.  

Q: What do I need for an LVHN Video Visit?

A: You will need a MyLVHN account and the MyLVHN app on your smart device. You will access the portal for your video visit through the MyLVHN app.

Q: How do I create a MyLVHN account?

A: Create your MyLVHN account in one of three ways

1. Instant activation (within 24 hours of LVPG visit)

Follow link sent by email within 24 hours to reach a sign up form.

2. Activation with code

On or MyLVHN app, select “Sign Up Now.” Add your MyLVHN activation code (find it on after visit summary), along with requested information.

3. Activation without code

On or app, select “Sign Up Now," then under "No Activation Code?" select "Sign Up Online." Complete required information. (Required info is marked with red asterisks *).


Q: How do I download the app onto my internet-connected smart device?

A: Option 1: Using your smart device’s browser, visit A mobile pop-up message will display. Click on either the Apple Store or Google Play to begin the install.

Option 2: Use your device’s internet browser to visit the app store that’s appropriate for your device (Apple Store or Google Play). Search for MyLVHN and download. After the download completes, you will see this icon on your smartphone: 

Q: What technology do I need for an LVHN Video Visit?

A:  You will need an internet-connected smart device such as a mobile phone or tablet. This device must have video capability.

You will also need Wi-Fi or a 4G cellular data connection.

Q: How do I know if my equipment is capable of an LVHN Video Visit?

A: You can test video capability prior to your video visit. Log in to your MyLVHN account through the MyLVHN app. Select the Appointments button, and then select your video visit appointment time. At the bottom of the screen, press "Test Video." Within 15 minutes of your video visit, it will not allow you to test your device – however, you will be able to begin your visit.

Q: What if I cannot connect for my LVHN Video Visit?

A: If you have open applications other than MyLVHN, it may cause your device to run slowly. Be sure to close all other unnecessary apps before entering your video visit.

If at the time of your video visit you are unable to connect, please call our support center at 844-4MY-LVHN (844-469-5846) for assistance.

If you are still unable to connect after calling the support center:

  1. Call 888-402-LVHN (5846) to schedule an appointment.
  2. Visit one of our ExpressCARE locations for no-appointment care, available weekdays 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; hours vary on weekends.

To schedule an LVHN Video Visit, log onto your MyLVHN account (or create an account at


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