Cancer Pharmacy Services

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Our pharmacy services include care and support from pharmacists who specialize in meeting the unique needs of cancer patients. Our retail pharmacy locations – Lehigh Valley Pharmacy Services – allow you to get the cancer drugs and supplies you need in the same place you receive your treatments.

Need Immediate Care?
For emergency services, call 911.

For non-emergency walk-in care, try an ExpressCARE location.
Need help scheduling or have a question?
Call 888-402-LVHN (5846).

Your treatment will likely include one or more cancer drugs. Our cancer pharmacy services give you the personalized care and convenience you deserve.

Pharmacy services for on-site cancer care

Cancer pharmacists at Lehigh Valley Cancer Institute play an active role in your care, keeping you safe during treatment and helping you get relief from side effects.

Our pharmacists help you receive exceptional care at the Cancer Institute by:

Participating in tumor board meetings

During tumor boards, teams of cancer experts coordinate the treatments that best meet your needs. Our pharmacists make sure you receive cancer drugs exactly as they are prescribed. Find out more about tumor boards.

Explaining the cancer drugs in your treatment plan

Pharmacists talk to you about the cancer drugs in your treatment plan and what to expect, including possible side effects. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Preparing cancer drugs

We make sure the cancer drugs you need during treatment are available precisely when you need them. Our efforts include carefully mixing liquid solutions in a specialized infusion pharmacy dedicated to making only the medications for our infusion center patients. This means we have extensive experience in the type of medications for your diagnosis. Read more about infusions for cancer

Tailoring your care

Cancer pharmacists are available at every Cancer Institute location. With each visit, we monitor the cancer drugs you receive as well as how they are making you feel. Our hands-on approach allows us to worth with your physician to adjust drug doses to meet your changing needs.

Cancer pharmacy support for at-home care

Pharmacists help you stay safe while getting the care you need between visits. Retail pharmacies at Cancer Institute locations and nearby give you easy access to the at-home medications and supplies you need.

Our support for your at-home care includes:

  • Teaching you how to take cancer drugs at home, such as giving yourself injections and safely disposing of used needles
  • Managing all of the cancer drugs you are taking to protect you from harmful drug interactions
  • Adjusting doses to minimize side effects, such as nausea
  • Helping you get refills whenever necessary

Retail pharmacy services at Lehigh Valley Cancer Institute

The Cancer Institute helps you get more of the services you need in one program. Our retail pharmacies make it possible to pick up at-home medications in the same place you receive your cancer care.

We carry most of the cancer drugs our doctors prescribe. Our retail pharmacies also carry over-the-counter medications, such as non-prescription pain medications.

You can also access many of the medical supplies you may need, including needles and special bandages to protect surgical incisions as they heal.

Financial assistance for cancer drugs

If you are having difficulty paying for your cancer drugs, we may be able to help. Our cancer financial coordinators help you explore options, which may include drugs that are available at a reduced rate. Read more about cancer care financial coordination services.


Get a second opinion

Receive personalized recommendations from our team of cancer experts in a single visit.

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Our membership in the MSK Cancer Alliance brings you world-class care close to home.

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