Infusions for Cancer

Infusion therapy is a method of delivering fluids, such as cancer drugs (chemotherapy) and other medications. At Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute, specially trained nurses and pharmacists help you have a safe experience. We also make it easy to receive infusions on a schedule that works for you.

At the Cancer Institute, you receive infusion therapy from a team that genuinely cares about restoring your sense of wellness. We do everything possible to help you stay comfortable while providing the care that meets your unique needs.

Infusion therapy at Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute

Infusion is a technique for delivering a liquid solution of medication or fluids through a vein in your arm. We use infusion therapy to deliver:

Highlights of our program include:

Care close to home

You receive infusion services on an outpatient basis, meaning you can go home after your session is complete. Our infusion centers are located throughout the region so you won’t have to travel far to get the care you need.


Our team includes oncology-certified nurses as well as pharmacists who specialize in caring for cancer patients and those needed complex medications. This level of expertise means we deliver treatments precisely as your doctor prescribes them. And if your needs change, we are quickly able to make adjustments to keep your care moving forward.


Many of our infusion centers offer early morning and weekend hours, making it easier to schedule infusions at times that are good for you.

On-site infusion therapy at Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute

Infusion therapy sessions often take hours to complete. We help you have a comfortable experience with:

  • Compassionate care: Our nurses check on you throughout the session to see how you are feeling. We also get to know you as a person and connect you with helpful services, including emotional support, when necessary.
  • Comfortable chairs: You sit in a special infusion chair that reclines. Warm blankets are available in case you feel chilled. Beds are available for those who are not able to sit upright. 
  • Space for visitors: Treatment areas include an extra chair for a loved one to stay with you during infusion sessions.
  • Refreshments: Light snacks are available to you and your loved one during treatments. You may also bring food from home or have a boxed lunch delivered from our cafeteria.
  • Free guest Wi-Fi is available to help you to stay connected. 

Home infusion therapy services from Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute

You may be able to receive infusion therapy at home. Our home infusion services team from Lehigh Valley Pharmacy Services includes specially trained nurses and pharmacists that provide the same level of safe, effective care that’s available in our infusion centers. If you have any questions, the team is available by phone 24/7.

Infusions at home deliver the liquid solution of chemotherapy drugs and other medications your doctor prescribed. During a home visit, a homecare nurse:

  • Shows you how to give yourself an infusion
  • Explains how to use medical supplies, including tubing and needles and how to order more
  • Demonstrates how to use the infusion pump (if you have one) 

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