Easy access to your care information in the hospital

When you need care in the hospital, it’s reassuring to know your health care information is available to you during your stay and after. Para español, haga clic aquí.

MyChart Bedside is available to patients who are admitted as inpatients to a Lehigh Valley Health Network hospital location. With MyLVHN Bedside, you will have information about your care plan for each day.

How do I get MyChart Bedside?

After you are admitted to the hospital, a member of your care team will ask if you would like access to MyChart Bedside. If you want to access MyChart Bedside, you will be provided with a password protected tablet computer that is on loan to you during hospitalization. Only you or someone you designate can use your password to operate the tablet. When you are sent home, any information that was loaded on the tablet will be erased.

What is on MyChart Bedside?

You will have access to information that keeps you up-to-date with your care including:

  • Your most recent blood pressure, pulse, temperature and respirations
  • Plans or procedures for the day, including medications and tests
  • Results for many laboratory tests
  • Your care team

How else can I use MyChart Bedside?

MyChart Bedside also offers a convenient way to:

  • Write questions to ask your health care team
  • Read or watch educational materials selected for you
  • Make non-urgent requests, such as taking a walk; changing your gown; getting water or ice chips
  • Play pre-loaded games

Is this different than MyLVHN?

Yes, this is different than MyLVHN. MyChart Bedside is only available to you while you are admitted to the hospital. However, your hospitalization information will be saved to your Epic electronic health record. For you, this means you will see a summary of your hospitalization on your personal MyLVHN account. For your primary care physician and others on your care team, information added to your electronic health record during your hospitalization will let them know why you were in the hospital, the type of care you received and when.