Communicate with your care team anytime, anywhere

MyLVHN allows you to securely send and receive non-urgent messages from your LVHN health care team (or your child’s or loved one’s care team), and much more. Para español, haga clic aquí.

Sometimes you have a question about medication or about a test result. Instead of waiting on the phone, take advantage of features in MyLVHN to securely communicate with your clinician and health care team. Ask questions, get answers, have an E-Visit and more.

Secure Messaging

MyLVHN provides you with a secure way to message your health care team for non-urgent health-related concerns. Some examples of health-related issues you could message about include concerns about a test result or whether you are cleared for physical activity. Your doctor or clinician may suggest an E–Visit if your question is more complex or requires more information.

Why messages sent via MyLVHN may result in an E-Visit

MyLVHN provides you with a secure way to send a message to your health care team. Messages sent through MyLVHN are appropriate for non-urgent health-related concerns that you might have, such as if you have a question about a test result or if it is okay to increase physical activity.

When your message is reviewed, your care team may see that you have many questions or concerns, or your question is of a more complex nature that requires additional information. In that case, your doctor or care team member will likely suggest in a reply message that an E-Visit would be a more appropriate way to provide the right care for you.

Through an E-Visit, you will have an opportunity to get your questions answered, much like an office visit, and if follow-up care is needed, it will be recommended. You will receive a reply within one business day (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.). E-Visits are another way your LVPG and LVHN health care teams provide comprehensive health care to you.


If you are a current rehabilitation patient or have a common urgent care symptom, you could save time on the phone by having an E–Visit. Log in to or your MyLVHN mobile app. From the main "Menu," select "E-Visits." On the next screen, select the type of E-Visit you want to have. You’ll be able to fill out an interactive questionnaire that will be sent to an LVHN clinician or specialist for review. You’ll get a reply within one business day (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.).

Manage your child’s care easily

With proxy access, you can keep up with your child’s immunizations, schedule school or sports physicals, next well-visits, after visit summaries and more. If your child needs an ExpressCARE visit or sees other LVHN specialists, your child’s information will all be in one place.

Need help accessing your MyLVHN account?

For MyLVHN technical support, please call 1-844-4MY-LVHN (1-844-469-5846).

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