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Angelia Kistler Beats Breast Cancer After Multidisciplinary Treatment

Now cancer-free, she’s reflecting on her treatment journey and giving back to other patients

When 38-year-old Kutztown resident Angelia Kistler found a lump in her breast, she quickly made an appointment with her gynecologist. Even as a busy mom and toxicology lab supervisor, she knew her health needed to be a priority.

“My doctor wasn’t too worried about the lump, but she told me I should monitor it to make sure it wasn’t getting bigger,” Kistler says. “Over the next six months, it seemed to be growing, and I couldn’t ignore it.”

Kistler made another appointment, and this time, she was referred to Breast Health Services at Lehigh Valley Hospital–Muhlenberg for further testing.

Difficult news

After a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy, Kistler received a formal diagnosis: stage 2 breast cancer.

“I remember feeling like I was on an island all by myself, but then I heard about Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute,” Kistler says. “I was told that the doctors there would create a treatment plan specific to my cancer, and that was all I needed to hear. I quickly called to schedule an appointment there.”

Multidisciplinary breast cancer care

As part of the Cancer Institute’s multidisciplinary (MDS) clinic team approach, Kistler met with all of her doctors during her first appointment, including surgical oncologist Heiwon Chung Whang, MD, hematologist oncologist Nicholas Lamparella, DO, and radiation oncologist Jeanette Blauth, MD.

Together, they came up with a treatment plan that was best for her specific diagnosis: a double mastectomy (a surgical procedure that involves the removal of both breasts) followed by chemotherapy and radiation therapy.


“My doctors and nurses were so thorough and supportive throughout every stage of my treatment,” says Angelia Kistler.

Throughout her treatment journey, Kistler’s family and friends supported her every step of the way, picking up her daughter from day care on days she had chemotherapy or radiation appointments.

Her care team was there for her, too.

“I never felt rushed during my appointments, and I knew that behind the scenes, all of my doctors were talking to each other and making sure my treatment was going according to plan.” Kistler says.

Six months after completing her radiation treatments, Kistler saw a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with Lehigh Valley Physician Group (LVPG) Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery–1243 Cedar Crest. Soon after, she underwent a reconstructive procedure.

 “After my double mastectomy, looking in the mirror was a constant reminder of what I had gone through,” Kistler says. “After I had my reconstruction done, I truly felt like myself again and like I could put it behind me.”

Moving forward

After her difficult treatment journey, Kistler received the best news of all: she was cancer-free.

To prevent her cancer from returning, it was recommended that Kistler take anti-hormone medication for at least 10 years. Kistler’s care team also recommended that she not become pregnant, which was difficult for her to come to terms with.

“It was hard for me to hear that it wouldn’t be safe to have more children, which was something we really wanted for our family,” Kistler says. “However, something amazing came out of that – my husband and I are now foster parents.”

Kistler is very thankful for the members of her care team and everything they have done – and continue to do – for her.

“My doctors and nurses were so thorough and supportive throughout every stage of my treatment,” Kistler says. “Even now, they still check up on me, and I see Dr. Lamparella every three to four months.”

She hasn’t just come back for her appointments, either. In December 2021, Kistler and her family created care packages for patients and brought them to Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute for distribution.

Angelia Kistler Beats Breast Cancer

“A little comfort can go a long way when you’re facing cancer, and this felt like a great way to show our support during the holiday season,” Kistler says. “My family and I are so grateful for Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute, and we wanted to show our support for not only the clinicians, but the patients as well.”

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