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Quick Fix for Joint Pain at LVH-Pocono

Joint replacement surgery at LVH-Pocono lets patients get back to an active lifestyle


Don't let painful, stiff hips and knees keep you on the sidelines of life. Lehigh Valley Hospital (LVH)–Pocono total joint replacement program offers the latest minimally invasive surgical approaches for osteoarthritis, including bilateral knee replacement and direct anterior approach hip replacement.

“We customize your treatment approach,” says Roger Componovo, MD, chief, hip and knee replacements. “From the artificial joint we choose to the rehabilitation program, all decisions are tailored to you.”

Techniques make a difference too. The direct anterior hip replacement approach doesn’t involve cutting muscles or tendons, causing less pain and quicker recovery. Select hip replacement patients can even participate in the Fast Track Recovery program, which allows patients to go home on the same day as surgery.

Nationally recognized program

LVH–Pocono total joint replacement program is the only hip and knee replacement program in Monroe County that has earned The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval® for Hip and Knee Replacement twice. This certification demonstrates the hospital’s commitment to meeting rigorous performance standards in quality, safe care.

Getting to know you

Patients attend classes taught by orthopedically trained nurses and physical therapists on what to expect after surgery. “Education classes are an opportunity to get to know you before surgery too,” Componovo says.

LVH–Pocono also hosts an annual reunion so joint replacement patients can celebrate their successes. “We feature photos of our patients enjoying activities they can do after surgery, such as golfing, biking, gardening, dancing at their daughter’s wedding, even hiking through Europe,” Componovo says.

Joint replacement also is an option for those in midlife. “We want to get patients back to jobs and activities as soon as we can, regardless of age,” he says. Having surgery sooner than later can help prevent you from becoming sedentary, which can make health problems worse or cause new ones.

No matter your age, surgery can be life-changing. “For patients with severe osteoarthritis pain, especially those in their 70s and 80s, joint replacement can give them their life back by allowing them to continue to live independently,” Componovo says.

Partnership is at the core of what makes this program so unique. Your personalized experience begins with one-on-one phone calls from Leslie Metzger, MSPT before your surgery, and Patient Education Classes ensure you and your family are fully prepared. Afterward, Metzger will administer hands-on physical therapy at your bedside and follow up with you personally after you leave our facilities. Keeping you prepared, informed and in control of your health--that’s what a true partner does. 

Convenient Rehabilitation Locations

After joint replacement surgery, physical therapy can help restore your strength and mobility faster. With five convenient outpatient rehabilitation locations in the Poconos, you won't have far to go.

Rehabilitation Services–Blakeslee

Rehabilitation Services–Marshalls Creek

Rehabilitation Services–Stroudsburg

Rehabilitation Services–Tobyhanna

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