Care for Chronic Diseases

At Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) we offer innovative care models aimed at keeping you in good health and preventing chronic illness from becoming a burden on your life. Our primary care providers establish a relationship with you built on trust and compassion. We offer expert diagnosis, treatment and support to ensure your experience as a patient is second to none, and work with you to achieve the best possible health outcomes.

A chronic disease is one that lasts for three months or more, and can impact your well-being. Half of Americans are living with at least one chronic condition – like depression, high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, high cholesterol or diabetes. Chronic diseases are a leading cause of disability in the U.S. and lead to seven out of every 10 deaths each year.

At LVHN, we help educate our patients about how to reduce their chance of developing a chronic disease. We also provide continuity care for you if you are managing a chronic illness.

Preventing chronic diseases

You can prevent most chronic illnesses by making healthy choices that improve your quality of life. That’s why LVHN providers emphasize primary care and prevention. We encourage patients to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors to minimize the impact of chronic disease. Important lifestyle choices include:

  • Avoiding tobacco and using alcohol in moderation
  • Healthy nutrition, which includes eating five or more servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily, avoiding salt and saturated fats
  • Daily physical activity. At least 20 minutes of activity each day is ideal.
  • Getting enough quality sleep

Other preventive measures also are helpful in avoiding chronic disease, such as:

Chronic diseases in the U.S.

The list of common chronic diseases in the United States is growing:

Unique programs support patients with chronic disease

At LVHN, we bring together the brightest minds to care for every aspect of the patient. Our multidisciplinary teams use proven processes to diagnose, treat and manage chronic illnesses.

By focusing on the needs of patients, and their families, we provide hands-on help that enhances patient care and increases the likelihood that patients will follow through with prevention or treatment plans. LVHN primary care provides access to team-based care involving not only physicians, but also nurses, dietitians, pharmacologists, psychologists, and social workers. We provide this care in a model called Patient-Centered Medical Home, which means the team follows and helps to manage your healthcare needs even when you are not in the office being seen.

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