High-Risk Pregnancy Care

The Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) is a team of experienced, highly trained specialists that provide the highest level of care for complicated pregnancies, before, during and after labor and delivery.

If you are at greater risk of having a pregnancy complication – or you’re already experiencing a problem during pregnancy – count on our maternal fetal medicine (MFM) team to support you every step of the way. Our goal is to help you have a safe, healthy and successful pregnancy.

MFM physicians are high-risk pregnancy experts with an additional two to three years of education and training. Our doctors specialize in taking care of pregnant women with chronic health problems and unexpected medical complications that may develop during pregnancy such as high blood pressure, diabetes or early labor. We offer the technology, knowledge and compassion to handle pregnancy complications and keep you healthy.

Our MFM providers work side by side with obstetricians and midwives to provide the best care possible to all patients. MFM physicians also teach obstetrics and gynecology residents and do valuable clinical research that has helped shape LVHN’s obstetrics programs.

“When I hold Avery, I can't imagine not being her mom.”

Victoria had a completely normal pregnancy. Then bleeding complications after delivering her daughter, Avery, resulted in Victoria’s emergency care at Lehigh Valley Health Network. Watch Victoria’s video, and hear how the caring team with LVPG Maternal Fetal Medicine saved her life – ensuring she could always be Avery’s loving mommy.

High-risk pregnancy specialists manage pregnancy complications

Our Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) division at LVHN offers seven programs created for managing pregnancy complications. Some of the potential complications in moms-to-be and babies that we take care of are:

LVHN maternal fetal medicine providers support moms-to-be

Our group of high-risk pregnancy specialists is one of the largest in Pennsylvania. A team with extra training and experience supports them:

  • Perinatal nurse practitioners and nurses, who support women throughout pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period
  • Genetic counselors, who specialize in prenatal diagnosis and offer testing to help you understand how or if a disease that runs in your family might affect your child
  • Sonographers, who are highly educated health care technicians with specific training in performing pregnancy ultrasound and other important testing such as fetal echocardiography

MFM providers work together with other specialists to treat pregnancy concerns

MFM providers work closely with other specialists to address the issues or needs that make a pregnancy high risk. These include:

Noninvasive prenatal tests (NIPT) available

Your provider – with the help of genetic counselors – will carefully watch for potential problems or complications. Depending on your needs, we offer comprehensive testing during pregnancy to monitor the health of you and your baby.