Hysterectomy surgery can effectively treat uterine fibroids, endometriosis and certain gynecological cancers, but you’ll want to know all your options. At Lehigh Valley Institute for Surgical Excellence, we specialize in robotic techniques that offer exceptional results with an improved recovery.

If you need a hysterectomy, you’re in excellent hands at Lehigh Valley Institute for Surgical Excellence. Our highly trained surgeons perform this procedure using sophisticated robotics technology. A minimally invasive approach such as robotic hysterectomy offers multiple benefits for women – including minimal to no scarring.

What is a hysterectomy? 

During a hysterectomy, a surgeon removes the entire uterus (a woman’s womb). Depending on your circumstances, a surgeon may also remove the cervix, both ovaries and fallopian tubes.

The uterus is responsible for a woman’s monthly menstrual period, so women who receive a hysterectomy stop menstruating.

Because a woman can no longer get pregnant after a hysterectomy, doctors often consider this procedure only after less-invasive treatments are tried first – especially for women of childbearing age.

A hysterectomy surgery approach personalized to your needs 

Our doctors work in advanced operating rooms and have the latest tools at their fingertips. This includes the da Vinci® Single-Site® robotic surgery system – the most advanced robot available for hysterectomy surgery.

We will take the surgical approach that best fits your circumstances:

  • Open: A traditional surgical approach in which a surgeon uses a large incision to remove the uterus. It may be appropriate for certain complex cases.
  • Vaginal: A minimally invasive approach where a surgeon uses incisions inside the vagina to remove the uterus vaginally
  • Laparoscopic: A minimally invasive approach where a surgeon uses small incisions in the abdomen. This method allows surgeons to reach areas that are harder to access vaginally.
  • Robotic: A surgeon uses robotic technology to operate through a single, small incision of less than one inch long. This innovative approach increases surgical precision and results in minimal (if any) scarring.

Innovations lead to improved hysterectomy recovery 

Our surgical care teams perform routine and complex hysterectomies, always in the least invasive way and with the latest methods.

Robotics technology offers women many benefits over a traditional open approach:

  • Shorter hospital stay (often less than 24 hours)
  • Lower risk of complications, such as wound infection
  • Less pain after surgery
  • Faster recovery and return to normal activities
  • Virtually scarless results

Conditions we treat

Your doctor may recommend a hysterectomy for several reasons. Uterine fibroids are the No. 1 reason women undergo hysterectomy surgery.  

Surgeons also perform this surgery to treat uterine and other gynecological cancers. In this case, we collaborate with gynecologic oncologists to provide women’s cancer care backed by the latest research.

Our surgeons perform hysterectomy surgeries to treat certain cases of:

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How you benefit from robotics

If your doctor recommends hysterectomy surgery, you could experience a faster recovery thanks to our team’s robotics expertise.

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