Total Joint Replacement

If your hips, knees or other joints cause pain and you can’t enjoy life the way you used to, you may be a candidate for total joint replacement surgery.

Lehigh Valley Health Network surgeons perform more total joint replacements than anyone else in the area, and use the latest techniques and technology that offer long-lasting results.

We believe you’re born with the best joints you’ll ever have. But if your natural joints wear out, causing you pain and impacting your ability to do what you love, total joint replacement surgery could be right for you.

Normally, all of the parts of the knee, hip, shoulder or ankle joint work together, and the joint moves easily and without pain. Injury or disease can disrupt the normal functioning of a joint, which can limit your movement and cause pain. Joint replacements are often the best treatment plan to restore function and pain-free movement.

At Lehigh Valley Health Network, our expert joint replacement surgeons are performing an increasing number of joint replacements, as people are living longer and wanting more active lives. We are also performing them on younger patients, when needed, as there have been significant advances in artificial joint technology.

Our surgical expertise

Our board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeons specialize in the conditions they treat. Our surgeons’ expertise – coupled with the dedication of our surgical teams – help us achieve the results you need.

In fact, no other organization in the area performs more orthopedic surgeries than we do. This experience leads to better outcomes for joint replacements.


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