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Cancer Risk and Genetic Assessment Program

Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute has one of the few programs in the region offering the complete range of cancer genetics services, including cancer risk and genetic assessments. Our genetic counselors provide personalized recommendations to help you know your risk for cancer. For those already diagnosed with cancer, we partner with you and your physician regarding treatment decisions.

Cancer Risk Assessment

We perform cancer risk assessments to determine whether you have risk factors for hereditary cancer. These assessments are part of our complete approach to care, which includes services and support from genetic counselors to lower your risk for developing cancer.

Cancer Surgery

If you need cancer surgery, you are in the region’s most capable hands. Surgical oncologists at Lehigh Valley Cancer Institute are leaders in the field. Our experience performing a high volume of surgeries, including robotic surgery, helps us maintain a track record of successful cancer treatment.

Focal One® Prostate Cancer Treatment

If you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, you may benefit from Focal One high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment at Lehigh Valley Institute for Surgical Excellence. Focal One offers a noninvasive option that destroys targeted tissue while minimizing side effects.

Genetic Testing for Cancer

Genetic testing for cancer uncovers your risk for developing hereditary cancer. Our cancer genetics experts explain what the results mean for your health. For people who have a cancer diagnosis, genetic testing allows us to tailor care in ways that have not previously been possible.


At Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN), our urology surgeons offer unmatched expertise in the latest prostatectomy techniques. We effectively treat prostate cancer and enlarged prostate, with a focus on your unique needs. We can often preserve key sexual and urinary functions after surgery.

Robotic Surgery

Welcome to the largest, most advanced robotic surgery program in the region. We’ve completed more than 25,000 surgeries since the program began in 2008, using 13 robotic surgery systems across all Lehigh Valley Health Network campuses. Our 100-plus highly skilled surgeons use this technology to treat cancer and other conditions with precision.


SpaceOAR®, the Spacing Organs at Risk system, is a recent advance in the treatment of prostate cancer that involves shorter courses of treatment using higher daily doses of radiation while minimizing the risk of rectal injury.


Our urologic specialists offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment services for men and women experiencing common and complex urologic problems. We offer advanced urology care for incontinence, kidney stones and other concerns, using the latest therapies and surgery techniques.

Varian Edge with Calypso

Varian Edge® with Calypso® tracking is a radiosurgery system that delivers a high dose of precisely targeted radiation, allowing you to complete treatment in fewer, shorter visits.