Cancer Surgery

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If you need cancer surgery, you are in the region’s most capable hands. Surgical oncologists at Lehigh Valley Cancer Institute are leaders in the field. Our experience performing a high volume of surgeries, including robotic surgery, helps us maintain a track record of successful cancer treatment.

Need Immediate Care?
For emergency services, call 911.

For non-emergency walk-in care, try an ExpressCARE location.
Need help scheduling or have a question?
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Surgery is a common treatment for cancer. And you can count on us for a safe experience: The Cancer Institute is among the nation’s leading programs when it comes to avoiding surgical complications.

We offer all the latest techniques – including robotic and minimally invasive surgery – which helps us preserve as much healthy tissue as possible. Robotic surgery also makes it possible to eliminate cancer in hard-to-reach areas, so you look and feel your best afterward.

Surgical oncology at Lehigh Valley Cancer Institute

Highlights of our program include:

Innovative techniques

We are the most experienced robotic surgery team in the region. This technique allows us to perform surgery with a high degree of accuracy using robotic “arms.” We have completed more than 13,500 robotic procedures, giving you the best chances for good results. Learn more about robotic surgery.

Highly skilled team

Many of our surgical oncologists completed training in the nation’s top medical schools. Our team also includes doctors who completed additional training (fellowships) in areas such as breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, head and neck cancer, and skin cancer. Meet our cancer team.

Types of cancer we treat with surgery

Our surgical oncology experts successfully treat many types of cancer, including:

  • Brain tumors: We use techniques such as awake craniotomy to protect areas of the brain that control speech and movement.
  • Breast cancer: You receive care from dedicated breast surgeons who treat cancer and offer the latest reconstructive techniques. We are first in the region to offer Hidden Scar™ breast surgery as an option for women who have lumpectomy or nipple sparing mastectomy. Learn more about Hidden Scar breast cancer surgery. We are also the first cancer center offering SAVI SCOUT®. This tiny device marks the location of the tumor, allowing you to have precise breast cancer surgery. Find out more about SAVI SCOUT.  
  • Colorectal cancer: The Cancer Institute has earned national recognition for consistently delivering effective colorectal cancer surgery.
  • Gastrointestinal cancer: Our surgeons perform more pancreatic and liver surgery than any other surgeons in the region. This level of experience lowers your risk of complications and helps you recover quickly.
  • Gynecologic cancer: Gynecologic cancer is a group of cancers affecting a woman’s reproductive organs. These cancers are often complex and require sophisticated treatments that are typically only available in leading programs such as ours.
  • Head and neck cancer: We are the only cancer center in the region offering microvascular expertise for cancers affecting the mouth and throat. This technique allows us to repair structures after removing cancer and minimizes challenges with eating, talking and swallowing.
  • Prostate cancer (urologic cancer): We are the first cancer center in the region using robotic surgery to perform combination prostate cancer and reconstructive bladder surgery (cystoprostatectomy).

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