Emergency Medicine Residents

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Current chief residents:

Robert Briggs, DO
Danny Le, DO
Danielle Nesbit, DO
Katharine Pula, DO

Feel free to email us at lvhemchiefs@gmail.com.

What our residents say ...

“Lehigh Valley has knowledgeable and approachable attendings who create a fun yet challenging work environment.” – Joseph Zackary, MD

“Our program has passionately engaged, knowledgeable, fantastic faculty who make training enjoyable. We are exposed to high patient-volume and diverse pathology destined to make us strong independent practitioners, and also take the time to foster community within our program. We also enjoy the benefits of core training in trauma, toxicology and running a critical care unit without the need for external rotations.” – Tim Batchelor, MD

“Our program is headed by fantastic faculty who are active and passionate about developing strong residents. This culture permeates throughout the program and helps to create a strong learning environment among the residents. With ample procedures and great pathology, it’s truly a residency among the best in the country.” – Phillip Grenz, DO

“What I like best about the LVHN EM Residency Program is the welcoming atmosphere, dedicated faculty who enjoy teaching, and supportive residents. The high-acuity, high-volume emergency departments and strong off-service rotations provide an unmatched learning environment.” – Rebecca Dudley, DO

“LVHN’s Emergency Medicine Residency strikes the perfect balance between an excellent clinical experience and strong education. The residency is supportive, innovative and constantly evolving to best support its residents’ needs.” – Alexandra Amaducci, DO

“This program has a phenomenal combination of structured didactics, supportive and accessible faculty, and insanely talented co-residents. The benefits are excellent and the schedule has been fair and easily managed.” – Chase Jones, DO

“I really like that this program has different tracks residents can explore and focus on and provides a medium to further your interests. Do you love research? Health care policy? EMS? Critical care? Wilderness medicine? Ultrasound? We have all of that and more! In addition, Lehigh Valley Health Network’s EM program is one of the select few programs that I have personally encountered that provides a dedicated ICU that is resident staffed only by ED residents. That means we really work one-on-one with the critical care attendings who help us acquire a lot of procedural skills and help fine-tune our critical care knowledge.” – Priyanka Lauber, DO

“I want prospective residents to know about the immense amount of support we have at LVHN, from our attending physicians to our faculty and even our administrators. I also feel that the autonomy we are given both in the ED and on our off-service rotations is unique to LVHN.” – Erin Farber, DO

“Big residency with individualized feel. My grading system when I was choosing a residency was based generally on two things: 1. How happy are the residents? 2. How good are the seniors and graduates of the program? If you’re happy and good at your job, what else do you need? This residency is tops in both of those departments.” – Andrew Koons, DO

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If you have questions or would like to learn more about our program, reach out to Program Manager Dawn Yenser, C-TAGME, at 484-884-2888 or via email below.

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