Emergency Medicine Residency Faculty and Administration

The commitment demonstrated by the 55 full-time and 16 part time, board-certified attending physicians in the emergency medicine residency program is unsurpassed. In addition to their dedication to educating residents, faculty members are involved in activities, including:

Past and present memberships in state and national osteopathic and allopathic emergency medicine committees (ACEP, PACEP, POMA, CORD, SAEM, ACOEP)

Multiple board memberships that include the past president of PACEP, past president of ACEP, member of the ACGME appeals panel and a past board member of the ACGME’s EM residency review council.

Emergency Medicine Residency Key Faculty

Gillian Beauchamp, MD

David Burmeister, DO

Matthew Cook, DO

Liz Evans, DO

Nicole Elliott, DO

Derek Fikse, DO

Kimberly Fugok, DO

Jeanne Jacoby, MD

Deepak Jayant, MD

Steve Johnson, DO

Kathleen Kane, MD

Ken Katz, MD

Andrew Koons, DO

Richard MacKenzie, MD

Zachary Matuzsan, DO

Andy Miller, DO

Claire Paulson, DO

David Richardson, MD

Alex Rosenau, DO

Kevin Roth, DO

Ryan Surmaitis, DO

Hanna Warren, DO

Kevin Weaver, DO

Charles Worrilow, MD

Susan Yaeger, MD

Emergency Medicine Residency Administration

Gavin Barr, MD
Senior Associate Program Director

Shawn Quinn, DO
Program Director

Terrence Goyke, DO
Associate Program Director 

Bryan Kane, MD
Director of Research and Associate Program Director 

Alexandra Amaducci, DO
Assistant Program Director

Deepak Jayant, DO
Director of Education

Department of Emergency and Hospital Medicine Administration

Kevin Weaver, DO
Senior Vice Chair, Education, DOEHM 

Gillian Beauchamp, MD
Vice Chair, Education, DOEHM 

Deepak Jayant, DO
Director of Education, DOEHM

Section of medical toxicology

Matthew Cook, DO
Director of toxicology, DOEHM Section of Medical Toxicology

Section of pediatrics

Andrew Miller, DO
Director, Children's Emergency Room
Director, Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest Emergency Room

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