The President's Strategic Fund is a powerful tool for Lehigh Valley’s Health Network (LVHN)’s President and CEO to respond to our greatest needs and highest priorities. Gifts to this fund provide LVHN flexibility and resources to fulfill our patient-focused mission and execute our future vision.

The President’s Strategic Fund invests in critical areas that are sometimes overlooked, but vital to our community’s health. Some include:

Building a Health Care Team of the Future

LVHN has many resilient care providers who have managed their way through the beginning of this pandemic. However, due to the prolonged nature of the pandemic and the current staffing crisis, colleagues continue to experience secondary stress, and resiliency is waning. Support will help build a strong, talented and resilient health care team for the long-term needs of our community.

Groundbreaking Technology

LVHN is a leader in using technology to connect patients and providers, and discovering innovative ways to provide care. In order to provide the best care to our patients, we want to treat every illness or injury with the most advanced tools and techniques. Whether it be for a telehealth checkup or a robotic surgery, this fund will help improve outcomes for every patient. 

Behavioral Health Support for our Communities

Your behavioral health is just as important to your overall well-being as your physical health, and our behavioral health clinicians have received special education to know how to address and treat individual needs, regardless of age. To address the growing need for treatment in our communities, philanthropic dollars will allow LVHN to strengthen the clinical behavioral health team and enhance patient care throughout our communities.

Providing the Best Patient Experience

At LVHN we are committed to honoring our patients with respect and attention. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where every patient knows that there is a team of care surrounding their whole well-being – physical, mental and spiritual. Currently we are focused on improving patient communication, timeliness, access to appointments, and helping families navigate their continuum of care in the network.

Stories of generosity

Learn stories and news about donors, many of them former LVHN patients, whose gifts go on to support LVHN patients and their families.

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