Spine Surgery

For expert spine surgery for spine disorders and trauma, turn to the neurosurgery team at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN). We use minimally invasive procedures and advanced imaging technology to perform safe, precise procedures that help get you moving again.

Our team includes neurosurgeons who have fellowship training in surgery for spinal disorders. They have a high level of experience and skill performing minimally invasive and open surgical procedures. Our goal is to provide a safe, effective surgery to help reduce your pain and restore your function. 

We have the region’s only spine neuro-navigation system that lets us monitor your spinal cord during surgery. With this technology, we can protect sensitive areas of your spinal cord and provide the safest, most precise surgery possible.

Surgery for spine disorders and spinal cord injury

People from around the region turn to us for expert spinal cord surgery. We use minimally invasive techniques whenever possible, providing a safe, precise procedure with an easier recovery. Advanced imaging during the surgery helps ensure that the procedure is as safe and effective as possible.  

Types of spine surgery we provide

If you have a spinal condition, we typically begin with conservative treatment. We may recommend medications, physical therapy and chiropractic medicine services. If the pain persists or you have difficulty moving, surgery may be the best option for you. We provide the full range of spinal cord surgery, including:

Degenerative disk disease surgery

Our neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons work together to offer advanced procedures. We may perform a fusion procedure to join vertebrae in your back and ease the pain. A disk replacement is another option to relieve pain and avoid future hospitalizations.  

Compression fracture surgery

We perform an advanced technique called kyphoplasty, a needle-based procedure to repair a fractured vertebra. Many patients are on their feet an hour after the procedure. 

Lumbar and cervical disk disease surgery

Lumbar or cervical disk disease, or herniated disk, can cause severe back or neck pain. We offer many procedures for relief so you can get moving again. We discuss the surgical options with you so you understand what will happen before, during and after the surgery.   


Neurostimulation is an advanced technique that offers pain relief and easier mobility. Our skilled neurosurgeons implant a device that delivers small doses of electricity to the nervous system to relieve pain. You typically go home the same day. 

Sciatica surgery

People with sciatica may need surgery to repair the herniated disk, if nonsurgical methods did not provide sufficient relief.  

Spinal instability surgery

We offer a number of surgical procedures to relieve the symptoms of spinal instability. We may perform a fusion procedure to join vertebrae or kyphoplasty to stabilize the vertebrae.  

Spinal stenosis surgery

We may recommend surgery for spinal stenosis if nonsurgical treatment isn’t working.  

Spondylolisthesis surgery

Surgery for spondylolisthesis may include a procedure to fuse vertebrae together, or to remove a piece of the vertebral bone. We discuss your options with you so you know what to expect. 

Rehabilitation for spinal conditions

Our rehabilitation specialists customize a therapy plan for you to help you regain your strength and function.

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