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Celebrating Dr. Thomas's 2,500 Robotic Surgeries

Robotic gynecologic surgery expertise available at Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute

 M. Bijoy Thomas, MD, has performed over 2,500 minimally invasive robotic procedures.
Gynecologic oncologist M. Bijoy Thomas, MD, has performed over 2,500 minimally invasive robotic procedures.

When you or someone you love has been diagnosed with gynecologic (cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal or vulvar) cancer or another serious gynecologic condition, you want to find a doctor who has a lot of experience with similar cases.

For people in our community, M. Bijoy Thomas, MD, Chief, Gynecologic Oncology at Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute, offers that and more.

Thomas performs approximately 15 to 18 robotic gynecologic surgeries each week, which is more than many other doctors in his field will do in a year. Recently, he surpassed 2,500 robot-assisted surgical cases over the course of his career, and he ranks among the highest-volume surgical practices nationally in his specialty.

“As you complete more of these procedures, you get better at what you are doing,” Thomas says. “The time that patients spend under anesthesia becomes shorter, surgical complications are less likely and patients recover faster.”

Thomas is part of Lehigh Valley Physician Group Gynecologic Oncology, which offers comprehensive surgical expertise for both cancerous and benign gynecologic conditions. In addition to Thomas, who sees patients at John and Dorothy Morgan Cancer Center at Lehigh Valley Hospital–Cedar Crest, the program includes Christine Kim, MD, who sees patients at Lehigh Valley Hospital (LVH)–Pocono and LVH–Hecktown Oaks.

Benefits of robotic gynecologic surgery

Robotic surgery offers many benefits. Patients often return home from these procedures on the same day and typically have less pain. There is also a much shorter average recovery time of only two weeks.

Gynecologic cancer care at Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute

At Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute, our clinicians know how important it is to be seen quickly.

“We see new patients at my office within a week, and the average wait time for surgery is two weeks or less,” Thomas says.

Our team of experienced clinicians offers many of the latest treatments and clinical trials for gynecologic cancer. They work together as a multidisciplinary team to develop individualized treatment plans for each person.

The Cancer Institute is also a member of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Alliance, which gives our patients access to even more lifesaving care options.

“At Lehigh Valley Topper Cancer Institute, patients who need complex, minimally-invasive gynecologic surgeries can find care comparable to any premiere medical institute in the world without leaving their community,” Thomas says.


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