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Empower Your Future: Paint the Path Pink With LVHN’s Mammography Technologist Program

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LVHN Mammogram Technologist Program graduates 2024

We are excited to share some incredible news about our mammography technologist program, and we invite you to become part of this exciting initiative. The program, launched in April 2022, has achieved remarkable success since its inception. It has not only empowered colleagues with a rewarding career path but also has made a significant impact on the lives of countless patients.

Here are some key highlights

  • Proven success: Since its launch, nine colleagues have enrolled in the program. Of these, eight have already received their mammography certification, and the ninth is well on track to achieving certification by early 2024.
  • Growing opportunities: The success of the program is evident, with three more interns starting their journey and more applicants eagerly waiting in the pipeline.
  • Flexible enrollment: You can join this program at any time, allowing you to take control of your career and personal development.
  • Comprehensive training: Our program offers on-the-job training, giving you the opportunity to learn from experienced mammography technologists. In addition, you will take online courses that align with the requirements of a mammography technologist.
  • Financial support: The program is funded by Breast Health Services, ensuring that financial constraints don’t stand in the way of your career goals.
  • Efficient training: The training period typically spans three to six months, allowing you to quickly acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.
  • Career path: Upon joining the program, you will be hired as a radiologic technologist (RT) and will receive training while working. After completing the program and obtaining certification, you will have the opportunity to transition into a role as a mammography technologist.
  • Commitment to excellence: As part of our commitment to the program’s success, you will be required to work for a year after graduation, solidifying your expertise in the field and benefiting from the experience.

Hear from our graduates

“The program offered me a way to become a part of a team. It offered education and clinical experience while affording the monetary means of a paid internship. This was the perfect opportunity for me to continue my education in a field where my compassion can be shared with our patients. Throughout my internship, I had the pleasure of working with so many amazing techs, supervisors and managers. At every step of the process I felt I had the entire departments support. I had a team of cheerleaders and support for all my questions. I’m forever grateful for their patience, guidance and the amazing opportunity,” says Lia Vrablik, Mammography Technologist, LVH–17th Street.

“I was registered in mammography in the 80s. I left the hospital in 1998 to work occupational medicine for 24 years. When an opportunity to work in the hospital again, I went through this internship program with Breast Health Services to refresh my skills. However, mammography has changed immensely since I started. The internship was such a valuable tool for my professional growth. I am so happy to be part of this program. I am even more proud to be part of Breast Health Services. I feel like I am truly making na difference in breast health and what I do really matters,” says Jeannine Miller, Mammography Technologist, Health Center at Bath.

“I have wanted to join Breast Health Services since I was in X-ray school. I never had a clear path to join before LVHN started the internship program. I am very thankful to the program for allowing me to finally be where I feel I was meant to be. I love my job and I love helping all these ladies and sometimes men,” says Nikole Lynn Misuraca, Mammography Technologist, LVH–Muhlenberg.

“Working in X-ray, I always knew that I wanted to further my skills in diagnostic imaging, but after shadowing other modalities that didn’t suit me, I became discouraged. An old mentor of mine who worked as a mammographer always mentioned that she believed that I would excel in the field, but I wasn’t sure of my options. A family friend went for her annual mammogram and asked the tech how she got into the field, knowing I may be interested. The tech was a former intern that went through this program and spoke highly of it. I looked into the program and applied shortly after. Breast Health Services was so welcoming from the start, and I knew that this was the right fit. The program is very thorough and educational, and everyone I have met in my time here is so kind and knowledgeable. The opportunity to play a critical role in the early detection of breast cancer is my privilege, and I would recommend this program to anyone interested in mammography,” says Kelly McCauley, Mammography Intern, LVH–Cedar Crest.

Make a difference

Our mammography technologist program is not just a career opportunity; it’s a chance to make a difference in the lives of our patients. By joining this program, you become an essential part of our mission to heal, comfort and care for the communities we serve.

If you’re interested in embarking on a fulfilling career path in the world of mammography and contributing to women’s health, this program is the perfect opportunity for you. Your dedication, along with the support of our expert colleagues and leading-edge resources, will set you on a journey of professional growth and personal satisfaction.

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Mammogram Technologist Program

We look forward to welcoming you to our program and witnessing your incredible journey.

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