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Most Popular Baby Names for 2022 at Lehigh Valley Health Network

Charlotte and Liam top the list

Most Popular Baby Names for 2022 at Lehigh Valley Health Network

You might say today’s Tom, Dick and Harry will be tomorrow’s Liam, Noah and Lucas. The latter are once again among the most popular boys’ baby names chosen by parents delivering their newborns at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) in 2022. Last year, Liam, Noah and Lucas were one, two and three. This year’s results nearly mirror the most popular boys’ names nationally too.

For girls, recent trends also continue. The most popular girl’s name at LVHN in 2022 was Charlotte, but not far behind you’ll find Sophia, Isabella and Olivia. Nationally, Olivia, Emma and Amelia top the selections, with Sophia and Isabella ranking in the top six according to

The popularity of names does vary by region.

Of nearly 6,500 births at LVHN so far in 2022, 46 boys were named Liam compared to 48 a year ago. Noah was the name of choice 39 times among parents who delivered boys. Forty-seven boys were named Noah a year ago.

Thirty-four girls were named Charlotte this year, and it was the most popular name among girls born at both Lehigh Valley Hospital (LVH)–Cedar Crest and LVH–Muhlenberg. Coming in a close second among girls’ names was Sophia with various spellings, with Isabella not far behind.

Among names that appear to be growing in popularity based on this year’s selections at LVHN is Nova, with 13 girls given that name. Other interesting and unique girls’ names that show up on the list include Honesty, Ocean, Hermione and Winter. For boys’ names, Ocean was among the unique picks along with Hendrix, Bronx and the seasonally appropriate Messiah.  

The popularity of names does vary by region. In the Lehigh Valley, Charlotte, Sophia and Isabella were the most common girls’ names. At LVH–Pocono, Abigail led the way. Sophia was the top girls’ name at LVH–Hazleton, and five girls were given the name Harper to top all others at LVH–Schuylkill. Among boys, Liam, Noah and Elijah were the most common picks in the Lehigh Valley, with Noah and Liam also popular in the Hazleton area. At LVH–Pocono, Wyatt took the top spot for boys, and Hudson was the most popular selection at LVH–Schuylkill.   

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