Your overall health is the sum of many interrelated parts. The women’s health services team helps you coordinate the care you need to address all of those parts, so you can feel your best.

Care to promote health and wellness

Your well-being starts by being aware of and preventing potential health concerns. We provide care related to:

In each of these practice areas, we offer important screening programs and risk assessments aimed at keeping you healthy from head to toe.

Services to improve your well-being

We offer complementary services to support you in your quest for total health:

Headache relief

If you have frequent headaches that aren’t relieved by over-the-counter medications, we can help. We offer lifestyle modification as well as medication to alleviate chronic headaches.

Pain management

Our pain management specialists provide skilled care to patients who are coping with pain. From acupressure to injections, spinal stimulation to nerve blocks – we deliver relief.

Plastic surgery

If looking better will help you feel better, count on LVHN. Caring cosmetic surgeons with expert training and a medical esthetician offer a complete menu of skin care and rejuvenating treatments.


When you need support recovering from an illness, injury or surgery, LVHN offers both inpatient and outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Smoking cessation

Our Tobacco Treatment Program can help you kickstart your well-being by kicking the habit for good.

Weight management

LVHN’s Weight Management Center supports women and their families to make the necessary lifestyle changes to lose weight and live healthier.

Nutrition Services

Our registered and licensed dietitians work with you to address your nutrition-specific needs.