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Sculpture Recognizes LVHN Master Clinicians

Local artist presents sculpture at Lehigh Valley Hospital–Cedar Crest.

Sculpture Recognizes LVHN Master Clinician
Pictured with the Master Clinicians sculpture are, from left to right, Stephen Zieniewicz, President, Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest, physician Kimberly Brown, MD, artist Virginia Abbott, and LVHN Medical Staff President, Deborah Bren, DO

Every few years, extraordinary physicians are recognized with the LVHN Master Clinician Award. To honor their compassionate care and expertise, local artist Virginia Abbott created a relief sculpture to be displayed at Lehigh Valley Hospital (LVH)–Cedar Crest.

“I am humbled to count myself among these remarkable clinicians and proud to celebrate their accomplishment.” - Deborah Bren, DO, President, LVHN Medical Staff.

About the LVHN Master Clinician Award

Clinical excellence is foundational to furthering LVHN’s mission. Established in 2016, the LVHN Master Clinician Award is the highest honor given for clinical excellence. The award recognizes excellent judgment, integrity, compassion, strong communication and professionalism.

Master Clinicians are distinguished by a superior depth of and willingness to pursue knowledge in the field. They are team players, role models and mentors who teach clinical skills to elevate the practice of others.

“I am humbled to count myself among these remarkable clinicians and proud to celebrate their accomplishment,” says Deborah Bren, DO, President, LVHN Medical Staff. “Every day, they go beyond what is required of them, and this art is the perfect way to recognize everything they do for their colleagues and community.”

About the artist

Virginia Abbott is a nationally recognized sculptor skilled at both realist portraits in the round and low-relief panels with images of flora and fauna, made from recycled egg cartons. She is self-taught, but for many years worked in the studio of Zenos Frudakis, a prominent figural sculptor. Abbott is a member of the prestigious National Sculpture Society.

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