E-Visits for coronavirus (COVID-19) exposure

An LVHN E-Visit on MyLVHN is a no-appointment way to get pre-test screening for COVID-19.

If you are experiencing symptoms you believe are related to COVID-19 (coronavirus) infection, such as fever, cough or shortness of breath, an LVHN E-Visit through MyLVHN can help screen you for possible testing at one of our Assess and Test locations.

A LVHN E-Visit can help screen you for COVID-19 infection through an online questionnaire that asks about your symptoms and possible risk for exposure. Your information will be reviewed by an LVPG health care provider. By completing an E-Visit, you will receive guidance about the need for assessment and testing at an LVHN Assess and Test location, or other care recommendations.

To have an E-Visit, you need to have a free MyLVHN account which can be set up on either MyLVHN.org or the MyLVHN app. Review the steps below for more detailed information about how to complete your LVHN E-Visit.

Steps for LVHN E-Visit on MyLVHN

Log into your MyLVHN account.

  • Click on the main menu icon
  • Press "E-Visits" from the menu options
  • Select "Cough/Cold/Coronavirus exposure"

Review Terms and Conditions. Select “accept” or “decline.” If you decline, you will not be able to have an E-Visit.

You will be prompted to complete each of the following sections for your LVHN E-Visit:

If you accepted the terms and conditions, you will be taken to the next page. Select a reason for your E-Visit under “What Brings You In Today.” For coronavirus or COVID-19 screening, select “Cough/Cold/Coronavirus Exposure.”

On the same page, you can have the E-Visit information sent to one of your own LVPG providers, or if you do not have an LVPG provider, your information will be sent to one of our LVPG providers who can assess your symptoms. Press “Next.” (Note: You can cancel your E-Visit at any time throughout the information gathering process by pressing “Cancel E-Visit” or going back to home screen.)

Personal info:
Verify your personal information to confirm it is correct. Edit sections that need to be completed or revised. Press “This information is correct,” and press “Next” to continue.

Review medications that you currently take to ensure the information is correct. Add additional medications you take that are not on this page already. When you are done, select “This information is correct,” and press “Next” to continue.

Review and add any allergies. When you are done, select “This information is correct,” and press “Next” to continue.

For cough/cold/coronavirus exposure, you will need to answer questions concerning travel and exposure to others who may have been sick. Depending on your answers, other questions may populate on this page. (There may be a pause indicated by a beating heart icon.) Answer all questions. After you have answered all questions, press “Next” to continue.

Depending on answers to previous questions, you may be asked additional symptom questions. Answer all questions and press “Next.”

On the following page, a text box is available for you to describe your symptoms in greater detail. When finished, press “Next.”

You may be asked how long you have symptoms and if you have a fever. Select the best response for you and press “Next.”

Depending on answers to previous questions, you may be asked a series of additional questions. Select the best response for you and press “Next” on each page.

After completing all questions, you will see a page that reviews your answers to each. You can edit your answer to any section by pressing the pencil icon. When you are done reviewing your answers to the questions and complete any editing, press “Next.”

On this page, you can review and edit information in any prior sections, if you wish. To submit your E-Visit, select “Submit E-Visit.” (Note: Unless you select “Submit E-Visit,” it will not be submitted.)

Next steps after submitting E-Visit form

Your information will be carefully reviewed by an LVPG health care provider. You will receive communication through your MyLVHN account concerning next steps in your care.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information on LVHN.org:

For information about COVID-19 care, including information about our Assess and Test locations, please visit LVHN.org/covid19.

For information about coronavirus and COVID-19 infection, please visit https://www.lvhn.org/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19-infection