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If you have a minor illness, you can walk into an ExpressCare or schedule a video visit. For allergies, ear infections, cold and flu symptoms, rash and sprains.

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How You Can Help Our Mission How You Can Help Our Mission

This is a non-profit organization. Please consider donating to help heal, comfort and care.

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Board of Associates

The Lehigh Valley Health Network Board of Associates consists of community members with a mutual interest in quality patient care, clinical and community education, medical research and other endeavors that keep our community healthy. As advocates for the health network, board members share information about our key services and programs with their family, friends and neighbors in the community. Members also bring community feedback to the board's general meetings.

Board leadership

Officers' cabinet for a two-year term from August 2017 to August 2019:
President: Jeanne Tilghman
First vice president: Sybil Stershic
Second vice president: Rev. Dr. Christine Nelson
Secretary: Maj. Nathan Kline

Executive committee for 2018:

Kim Capers, Norma Cusick, John Daniel, Carolyn Hoffman, Charles Keim, Maj. Nathan Kline, Geoffrey Legg, Dr. J. Robert Lovett, Dr. Jeremy Melber, Kathleen Miller, Rev. Dr. Christine Nelson, Halyna Stegura, Sybil Stershic, Jeanne Tilghman

2018 General Meeting dates

General membership meetings of the Board of Associates are offered in both the Lehigh Valley and Greater Hazleton regions. The meetings begin with lunch at 11:45 a.m., followed by a health network senior leader update and a speaker on a highlighted medical topic or service, concluding at 1 p.m.

Lehigh Valley Location

Lehigh Valley location meetings take place at Lehigh Valley Hospital–Cedar Crest, Kasych Family Pavilion, Richard Fleming Educational Conference Center, Medical Imaging of Lehigh Valley Educational Conference Rooms 6, 7 and 8.

  • Wednesday, Feb. 14
  • Wednesday, April 11
  • Thursday, June 14 (Social mixer: 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.)
  • Wednesday, Aug. 8
  • Wednesday, Oct. 10

Hazleton Location

Hazleton meeting locations vary; members should reference their meeting notices or contact Jane Danish at 570-501-6205 or for information on program location.

  • Tuesday, Feb. 20
  • Tuesday, April 17
  • Tuesday, June 19
  • Tuesday, Sept. 18
  • Tuesday, Nov. 13

Optional Meeting for All Members

Wednesday, Dec. 5 – Lehigh Valley Health Network Community Annual Meeting, Lehigh Valley Hospital–Cedar Crest


Lehigh Valley Health Network continues to grow and evolve to meet our community's needs. Because board member advocacy gives us a voice in the community, we're counting on member support more than ever. Here are some ways to stay informed:
•    News and updates – Learn about what's happening by visiting our newsroom.
•    Social media – Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest
•    Research – Our research efforts span a variety of clinical areas such as cancer, cardiology and neuroscience. Learn more about our Network Office of Research and Innovation (NORI).

Previous General Meeting presentations

The Heart—Great to Bad (Ronald S. Freudenberger, MD, February 2016)

LVHN and Memorial Sloan Kettering—Together, Ahead of Cancer (Suresh G. Nair, MD, October 2015)

The Evolution of Total Knee Replacement Surgery at LVHN (Eric B. Lebby, MD, August 2015)

Transforming Patient Engagement…the LVHN Way (Donald L. Levick, February 2015)

Evolution of LVH to a High-Volume Center for Liver and Pancreatic Surgery (Jeffrey T. Brodsky, October 2014)

"And the Scars They Are a-Changin'" (Sigrid A. Blome-Eberwein, MD, August 2014)

The Impact of Concussion (Daniele Shollenberger, CRNP, June 2014)

New Aspects of Living Kidney Donation (Michael J. Moritz, MD, April 2014)

Trans-Catheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR): The Future is Here (Raymond L. Singer, October 2013)

Investing in Better Health: LVHN's Community Health Needs Assessment and Plan (Robert J. Motley, MD, MHCDS, February 2017)

Board members

Michael Waterhouse
Robert G. Vidoni
Toni Ruggiero
Pamela Polchin
Florie McNelis
Mary Malone
Trudy Fearon
Susan Dalandan
Barbara Ahlum
Mary T. Alimecco
Nykea Alvarez
Donna Jean Anderson  
Betty Anton    
Aurel M. Arndt
Mark Aurand
Dr. David Babb
Freda Babb
Corliss Bachman  
Cheryl Baker  
Manuel Balseiro
Megan Balseiro 
Luis Bardales Jr.
Fred Barletta
Monica Barletta 
Donna Marie Barna  
Richard R. Barrall
Jeffrey S. Berdahl  
Elizabeth Bernstein
Megan Beste
Caroline M. Boderman
Sally Bolesta
Tarrant Booker
Priscilla Bowersox
Geoffrey F. Boyer, CFP
Wenda L. Boyer    
Kenny Bretz
Dianne Bridges  
Carol A. Brobst
Michael Bruckner  
Donna Buhosky  
Nadenia Butko  
Anne Caggiano   
Kim Capers
John F. Chadbourne  
Jane Cella
Mark Cernese
Terry Check
Carolyn Clarke
Barbara D. Clifford
Kathy Clinton
Samuel E. Cohen
Sandra Colon
Denise Corcoran  
Donna Cornelius  
Annette Corona
Robert Curry
James Curto
Norma Cusick  
Richard J. Cusick, MD
Susan Dalandan
Carol Daniel
John Daniel  
Gary Danish
Rick Daugherty
Niurka De LaRosa  
Donna Delehanty
Mary Ann Deputy
Fran Derhammer
Thomas Devine
Ruth Dex
Dr. Walter Dex
Jane Dougherty  
Doris Drabic
Gale Drechsler
Steven Drechsler    
Maria C. Dresen
Jessica R. Driestadt
Lani Drobnock
Ann Duerst
Marlin Duncan
Nancy R. Eckhart
Otto Ehrsam Jr.  
Deolinda Emery  
George Emery
Laura Eppler
Johnathan Epstein
Ray Erb Jr.
Sandra Erb
Jane Ervin  
Sue Farley
Lona Farr, PhD
Dave Fatula  
Stuart Fause    
Susan Fause
Trudy Fearon
Tina Fellin
Maggie Fenstermacher
Thomas Fenstermacher
Lisa Finkelstein
Paul Florenz, Esq.  
Jane Friedberg
Linda Reed Friedman
Rossanna Gabriel
Eugene Gallagher
Marlene Geary
Arundhati Ghatak
P.K. Ghatak  
Mildred Gillingham  
William Gillingham
Michele Grasso   
Camilla Greene
Geoff Gutgold
Nathan Guttman
Melissa Hakim, MD  
Justin Hartrum   
George F. Hayden
Linda Heintzelman
Richard Heintzelman
Maryann Herbener
Lynn Hetman
Kent T. Hickey
Carolyn Hoffman
Shirley A. Hoffman 
Adam Hoover
Miriam Huertas  
Asa M. Hughes
Phyllis M. Hughes
Jean W. Hunsberger
Denise Iervolino
Joseph Iervolino 
Don Jacobs  
M. Kathryn Jacobs
Robert Jaeger, MD
Murtaza Jaffer  
Barry Jais
Diane Jandrasits  
Teri Johnson    
Andrew P. Kahn
Charles Keim 
Charles Kelly 
Jo-Ann Kelly  
Alice Kender
Bernadine Kernechel  
Suzanne Khindri    
Robert Kiesel, MD
Betty Jean Killgore
William R. Killgore Sr.
Barbara A. Kitson
Nathan Kline  
David Koerner
Penny Kornet
E.J. Krall 
Danielle Kulnis
Courtney Kulp
Dolores A. Laputka, Esq.  
Todd A. Larmer
Gary Lawler
Geoffrey Legg
Jason Lenko  
Shirley C. Lentz
Joseph S. Lentz  
Joseph Lettiere  
Stefanie Lobitz  
Mary Jane Long 
J. Robert Lovett, PhD
Gloria Lowell
Vivian Lukacs    
Thomas Lyons    
George Clayton Lytle
Elaine Maddon Curry
Barbara Malcolm
Mary Malone
Elizabeth Mason
Jeff Mason  
William Mason      
JoAnn M. Matsko  
Michael  Matsko  
Saleem Mawji
Mary Jane McAteer
Jeffrey A. McElhaney Jr. 
Florie McNelis
Colleen Mooney McGee 
Marianne McNiel
Michael McShane
Ben Medina
Jeremy Melber, MBA  
Jeffrey Melchior  
Amy Meleck
Carol Gullo Mest
Margaret Mihal
Anne Pool Miller
Clair D. Miller
Dorothy Miller  
Lois Miller
Kathleen Miller 
Marion Miller
Natalie W. Millrod  
Janice Moisey  
Jenn Moisey
Robert Moisey
Dorothy Morgues
Marcella Moyer Schick 
Sandra Muelig
Brian C. Nagle
Jean E. Nagle
Mindy Nardone
Peter Nardone
Kay Nederostek
Rev. Dr. Christine Nelson
Helen Neubauer
Robert Neubauer
Jacqueline A. Nonnemacher
Teresa A. O'Malley
Maureen O'Meara  
Niel Oberto  
Kathryn Orban
Nancy Orr 
Gregory A. Owens
Jacqueline Owens
Donna Palermo
Anne Panik
Rita Pertruzzi
Barbara E. Peters
J. Scott Pidcock
Pamela Polchin
Marydonna Portonova
Sanela Portonova
Russell Puschak, MD
Sumana Rao
Debra Reed  
Michelle Reilly  
Grace Ritter
Cheryl Roman
Decon Robert Roman  
Lisa Ross 
Arthur H. Rubin
Audrey M. Rubin
Toni Ruggiero
Tony Ruggiero
Susan Rutt   
Barbara J. Sander
William Schimeneck
Theodore C. Schlack    
Gale S. Schlechter
Sue Schrader Van Den Elzen    
Graig Schultz
Robert Sensky, Esq.
Patricia A. Seyer, DO  
Barbara Showalter
Shraddha Shrivastava
Denise Shrosky  
Mary M. Sierzega
Lynald E. Silsbee, PhD
Teresa Sinko    
Richard Slimmer
Alexander Sloot
Jennifer Sloot 
Zakiya Smalls
Annette Smerkanich
Elaine Soltys
Marylynne Spear  
William Spear  
Renee Srinivasan
Christine Stamatopoulos  
LuAnn Steinhauer
Halyna Stegura
Michael Stershic  
Sybil F. Stershic    
Jill Stevens  
Nancy Stevens  
Robert Strauss, MD
Carla Thaller
James H. Tieser
Jean Tieser 
Jeanne M. Tilghman  
Paul Uricchio  
Wendy Uricchio    
John Van Den Elzen
Robert G. Vidoni  
David V. Voellinger  
Stephen Walker    
Patrick Ward
Michael Waterhouse 
Michael A. Weber
Cynthia Weiner
Cheryl Winters-Tetreau  
Doris Wire
Alice M. Wood
Harry F. Wood
Philip B. Wavrek  
Jennifer White 
Sandra Wruble
Jo Ann Yannuzzi  
Joseph Yannuzzi  
Robert Zentz

Your support

As a not-for-profit health organization, LVHN strives to post a positive operating margin and reinvest those funds to better serve our community. Although the Board of Associates does not collect dues, we welcome personal gifts to LVHN. This support enables us to discover new treatments, educate and retain tomorrow's caregivers, and continue providing exceptional health care close to home. None of this would be possible without the generous support of our community.

Donate now to help ensure your family, friends and neighbors continue to have access to high-quality health care services and programs.

How You Can Help Our Mission How You Can Help Our Mission

This is a non-profit organization. Please consider donating to help heal, comfort and care.

Learn more »