COVID-19 Video Screenings

With your video-capable smart phone or smart device and MyLVHN app, you can receive a pre-test screening for COVID-19 with a COVID-19 Video Screening.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, LVHN is offering COVID-19 Video Screenings for people who have symptoms associated with COVID-19 infection.

What you need for a COVID-19 Video Screening:

  • MyLVHN app (available for free from Apple App Store or Google Play)
  • MyLVHN account (set up via MyLVHN app or
  • Video-capable smartphone or smart device
  • Internet connection

COVID-19 Video Screenings are only available for people who are in the state of Pennsylvania at the time of the video screening due to medical licensing regulations.

A note about COVID-19 Video Screenings: Unlike an LVHN Video Visit which has a scheduled appointment time, our new COVID-19 Video Screening technology utilizes an online queue wait list. Once you complete the steps to request a COVID-19 Video Screening, you will enter the online queue (line), and will be seen as quickly as possible by an LVHN health care provider.

For additional information about COVID-19 and other screening options, go to

COVID-19 Video Screening instructions

Our video screenings for COVID-19 are available for people ages 18 and older, or for children whose parent or guardian has proxy access (See FAQs regarding Children's ExpressCARE Video Visits for more information about proxy access.) Each person must have his/her own MyLVHN account.

Reminder: You must be within the state of Pennsylvania at the time of your COVID-19 Video Screening.
Open MyLVHN app from your video-capable, Internet-connected smart device:

  1. Log into your MyLVHN account. Press “COVID-19 Video Screening” icon.
  2. Answer location information. Press “Confirm.”
  3. Select reason for your visit – COVID-19 Video Screening.
  4. Press “Put me in line” – this will place your visit in a waiting queue with an estimated wait time.
  5. Make sure to turn on notifications to your device. Go to your smart device’s “Settings” to allow notifications.

Connecting to your provider for your COVID-19 Screening Visit:

After setting notifications, return to MyLVHN app.

  1. From the MyLVHN app, select the “My Appointments” icon on your screen.
  2. Find your COVID-19 Video Screening appointment on the list and press “eCheck-In.”
  3. Verify the information that is displayed. If you need to make changes, select “Edit.”  If the information is correct, press “This information is correct.”  Once you press “This information is correct,” the button will turn green and read “Next.” Complete eCheck-In process.
  4. At bottom of page, press “Begin Visit” and you will be placed in a “virtual waiting room” until your provider appears.

What happens if I can’t connect for my COVID-19 Video Screening?

If you are unable to connect, try closing any open applications – other than MyLVHN. You can also call our support center at 844-4MY-LVHN (844-469-5846).

You can also use these step-by-step instructions to schedule and complete your video screening.

E-Visit Screening for COVID-19

An E-Visit, through MyLVHN, is a no-appointment way to get screened for COVID-19.

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