Orthopedic Surgery

Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) and Coordinated Health surgeons excel at treating many orthopedic conditions. We help you reduce pain and achieve greater mobility with total joint replacements, hand and upper extremity surgeries, spinal surgeries, and foot and ankle surgeries.

For some, bone and joint injuries can be managed with nonsurgical interventions, like pain medication. But if pain and mobility issues prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest, LVHN and Coordinated Health orthopedic specialists are ready to help you. From total joint replacement to hand and ankle surgery, as well as spinal surgery, orthopedic surgery at LVHN and Coordinated Health can help relieve your symptoms and restore your quality of life.

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Our fellowship-trained and board-certified physicians are skilled in the latest surgical techniques to help increase your quality of life.

Our orthopedic surgery program offers:

Total joint replacement

The best joints you’ll ever have are the ones you’re born with. But if injury or disease has damaged your joints, a total joint replacement can be the key to regaining a pain-free, mobile lifestyle.

Our surgeons perform more orthopedic surgeries than anyone else in the region. This experience has allowed us to excel in the latest surgical techniques. We also offer new joints made of innovative materials that allow for decreased wear and longer-lasting results. Learn more about total joint replacement.

Joint replacement classes

If you’re having a hip or knee replacement surgery, you probably have many questions about what you should expect. To answer them, we offer free joint replacement classes to help you learn as much as possible before your procedure.

Our orthopedic experts, including nurses and rehabilitation specialists, lead each class. They will teach you how your LVHN and Coordinated Health team works together to help you prepare for surgery and recover faster.

Hand and upper extremity surgery

Conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff injury, arthritis and tendonitis make even minor daily tasks uncomfortable. If you have pain or mobility issues in your hands, elbows or shoulders, our surgeons work to improve your symptoms with several specialized therapies.

If your condition requires more intensive treatment, our surgeons have comprehensive expertise in the latest hand and upper extremity surgical techniques. These techniques include endoscopic tunnel release and arthroscopic rotator cuff tendon repair.

Spinal surgery

Our orthopedic surgery team supports the Advanced Spine Center, LVHN and Coordinated Health's convenient service that helps you find the right treatment for back and neck pain. Should your optimal treatment include surgery, our surgeons offer care for many back and spine disorders, including scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, herniated disc and more.

Foot and ankle surgery

Our surgeons treat a variety of foot and ankle conditions, ranging from arthritis to bone spurs, stress fractures and diabetic foot conditions. If your foot pain can’t be managed with nonsurgical therapies, foot and ankle surgery could be right for you.

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