General Orthopedics

Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) specializes in treating a variety of general orthopedic conditions. We help people of all ages overcome orthopedic issues and get moving again.

Your musculoskeletal system keeps you moving, but an injury to a bone or joint can sideline your lifestyle. At LVHN, we have more than 400 orthopedic experts that specialize in diagnosing and managing a variety of orthopedic conditions. Our priority is to help you recover safely and comfortably.

Our providers offer the full spectrum of orthopedic care for many general orthopedic conditions. We’re with you every step of the way, helping you to get moving again as quickly as possible.

Orthopedic expertise

Our team of orthopedic experts is specially trained to diagnose and manage orthopedic conditions. LVHN providers receive extra subspecialty training for hand and upper extremity conditions, foot and ankle injuries, total joint replacements, sports medicine, spine surgery and orthopedic trauma injuries.

Unparalleled surgical skill

Our orthopedic surgeons are board-certified by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery. We perform more orthopedic surgeries than any other local health care system. Our surgical expertise helps you achieve the best outcomes possible.

Comprehensive care

From the moment we meet you, we’re with you as you recover from an orthopedic injury or condition. Our diagnostic expertise quickly pinpoints the source of your problem, allowing us to create a treatment plan that’s tailored to fit your unique needs.

From orthopedic surgery to rehabilitation, your orthopedic care team partners with you throughout your treatment journey, helping you heal as soon as possible so you can get moving again.  

Treatment for children, too

We help people of all ages, including children, recover from a range of orthopedic injuries and conditions. Our pediatric orthopedic surgeon is fellowship trained, providing top-notch surgical care for children with bone or joint injuries or conditions.

Clinical competence

LVHN orthopedic providers specialize in treating a wide range of orthopedic conditions and injuries, including:

Convenient locations

Access the orthopedic services you need close to home, in one of our convenient locations. With multiple practice sites and Centers for Orthopedic Medicine surgical facilities, the care you need is never far away.

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